Federal Contractor and AAP Plan Reporting

Compliance and contracting go hand in hand. Track, manage and report on Good Faith Recruiting efforts, certifications and federal forms with the BirdDogHR Integrated Talent Management System.

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

The BirdDogHR ATS allows federal contractors to:

  • Track Good Faith Recruiting Efforts
  • Report on AAP / IWD / VEVRAA
  • Pre-populate language for voluntary surveys / EOE disclaimer
  • Disposition candidates consistently

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Federal contractors and businesses implementing affirmative action plans (AAP) have a critical focus to create an equal opportunity environment and a workplace that is free of discrimination. When you begin with a concentrated documentation effort during the recruiting process, it’s easier to maintain it throughout the entire employee experience. With an AAP, HR teams can better maintain compliance.

BirdDogHR AAP software frees up time and energy to work on other projects, rather than paperwork and recordkeeping activities. For larger companies with dedicated HR teams, AAP HR software streamlines recruiting processes for multiple new hires.

Our applicant tracking system can help you track your Good Faith Recruiting Efforts and ensure that your commitment to equal opportunity is communicated to candidates.

The BirdDogHR ATS software features will also help you with AAP reporting, IWD and VEVRAA federal contractor compliance and pre-populate your voluntary surveys with specific language, including your EOE disclaimer. This built-in functionality gives your swamped HR department the relief they need when things are at their busiest, while providing you with confidence that you’re making a solid hire and not skipping any mandatory steps along the way. Your consistent and automated recruiting and hiring process can also help ensure that you won’t be facing costly fines from improper AAP HR reporting, or time delays. Federal contractors can rest assured knowing that the AAP HR uses to hire veterans can be easily integrated with the BirdDogHR online applicant tracking system to meet VEVRAA hiring benchmark requirements, with built-in AAP reporting.


Our onboarding software helps to:

  • Automate completion of state and federal forms
  • Document acceptance of company policies (handbook, confidentiality, safety)
  • E-verify new employees quickly and efficiently

Learn More About Employee Onboarding

After you find the best candidate for your federal contracting job, you want to focus on their onboarding as soon as possible. You want to make sure that they can get to work quickly, while also making sure they have all the information they need to drive the initiatives of your company. This onboarding process will include the completion of all required state and federal documentation. You may also require the ability to E-Verify new hires.

Onboarding software can help your contractors or employees get on the job fast and have the knowledge they need to get things done. Automating the completion of multiple HR forms and company policy acknowledgements will save time and frustration for the new hire, the hiring manager and HR.

Performance Management and Goal Alignment

With performance management software, managers can:

  • Align employee and company goals with AAP requirements
  • Standardize and centralize performance review process
  • Dismiss equal pay scrutiny with performance documentation

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Being able to effectively manage performance is critical. With a standardized review process, you can quickly and efficiently evaluate your employees’ performance with touchpoints and reviews configured to the frequency that meets your company and AAP HR needs.

Decisions on promotions, transfers, compensation changes and more can be easily accessed with AAP reporting available through BirdDogHR Performance Management.

Performance management software combines:

  • Goal management
  • Performance evaluations
  • Competency management
  • Documentation and mentoring

It also offers the structure required to objectively assess employee strengths and opportunities for improvement. This data is seamlessly integrated with training management software and succession planning.

Employee Training and Development

Ongoing training through the BirdDogHR LMS allows contractors to:

  • Access training when needed and refresh knowledge on-demand
  • Deliver training online via a computer or mobile device (Safety, OSHA, Ethics, other)
  • Document training completion and certifications

Learn More About Learning

Having an effective learning management system allows you to have all of your training materials in one consolidated system. Not only is this a huge time saver, but it ensures that all employees are working off the most up-to-date content, certifications are being tracked, and learning is being delivered in a standardized and efficient manner.

The BirdDogHR Learning Management System (LMS) is cloud-based and available to any employee with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Deliver training content to your mobile workforce and document completion. Have a safety or compliance concern? Get the information out your workforce immediately and be sure they are protected.

Career Planning and Succession Management

Career planning and succession management software helps to:

  • Prepare for loss of specialized talent
  • Track retention of protected classes
  • Enable employees to build a career path in your company

Learn More About Succession

Being proactive with succession planning is the ultimate business-continuity planning and risk avoidance to sustain success at your company. AAP reporting software ensures contractors can continue operating for years to come, without worrying about hefty fines. When it comes to specialized talent, the best way to stay ahead of the risk is to develop key leaders from within.

BirdDogHR Succession will help you identify the highly skilled employees that you need to take over the critical roles of the future. Tightly integrated with the BirdDogHR Performance Management and BirdDogHR Learning Management software, succession planning software provides at-a-glance insight to help you identify high potentials, create a plan to move middle-tier employees up and offers development opportunities for low performers.

With AAP reporting available through BirdDogHR Succession, federal contractors can more easily track decisions on promotions, transfers and changes in compensation.

We're federal contractors and the BirdDogHR ATS is perfect for our industry. The compliance piece is wonderful — it tracks all of our applicants and does all the reporting for us. It's been a cost saver for us when you really do the math. We have gained many efficiencies and with new features coming out all the time it just gets better and better.

Angie Lovatto
Director of HR