BirdDogHR Assists Hurricane Volunteer Efforts in South Carolina

Benji’s Bed and Breakfast in South Carolina uses BirdDogHR’s Applicant Tracking System to allocate volunteers and help care for evacuee pets and victims of Hurricane Matthew

DES MOINES, Iowa – October 18, 2016 – BirdDogHR™, the leader in talent management solutions for the construction, engineering and skilled trades industries, knows the importance of community and helping those in need. Hurricane Matthew might be over but the devastation is only beginning as flood levels continue to rise.

Hundreds of family pets along the east coast are victims of the destruction. Many shelters for evacuees don’t allow pets and local pet shelters have nearly reached capacity in the aftermath and devastation from the hurricane.

In South Carolina, Benji’s Bed & Breakfast, a five-star pet kennel, has committed to staying open throughout the storms and flooding to give peace of mind to storm victims by offering discounted stays for their pets as long as needed and even deeper discounts for the heroic trade workers laboring around the clock to reverse the billions of dollars in damage that Hurricane Matthew left behind.

Currently, Benji’s has accelerated their pet care efforts and is also running a campaign to reunite found dogs with their families. Because of the huge influx in pet guests at the B&B due to rising flood levels and the aftermath of a damaging storm, Benji’s needs to attract and engage more volunteers and they need to do it quickly and as efficiently as possible which is why BirdDogHR is stepping up to help.

BirdDogHR is providing the BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to Benji’s so they can quickly organize and streamline their volunteer hiring. The applicant tracking system is quick to implement, easy to use and is mobile-friendly which will allow organizers to expedite communication with volunteers.

“We know pets are family which is why we’re trying to help out as many families as we can in any way that we can,” said Bernie Burke, Team Lead at Benji’s. “We needed a way to quickly pull together volunteers to help with all of our [pet] guests and BirdDogHR has been that answer for us.”

Benji’s is requesting volunteers help play with, feed, and give needed attention to their pet guests. If you’re interested in volunteering contact Benji’s Bed & Breakfast. They’re also accepting donations on their Facebook Page to help maximize the volunteer efforts and revitalize the community.