BirdDog and WOLFE Partner to Bring Proven Recruitment, Compliance and Safety Best Practices to Customers

Hiring the right people to create an effective and productive workplace just got easier

DES MOINES, Iowa – January 22, 2014 – BirdDog, the leader in recruiting and applicant tracking solutions (ATS) for the construction and skilled trades industries, today announced that it has formed a partnership with WOLFE, Inc. As a leading drug detection and workplace protection provider, WOLFE offers drug testing and background screening to help organizations make informed hiring decisions and build the best teams.

The BirdDog and WOLFE partnership will bring a stronger objective integrated systematic recruitment and hiring process to clients of both companies. Organizations will be able to easily distribute job postings, track applicants, access results of drug tests and background screens and report on the entire process all within the cloud-based BirdDog ATS solution. For organizations facing local, state and federal audits, all information will be accessible on-demand via the software. Companies with and without the regulation scrutiny alike are now able to ensure a safer work environment making their organizations more competitive in the war for talent.

“Hiring top talent is a primary business strategy for 2014 as fewer workers enter the workforce. Ensuring you are hiring the best people who can be the most productive is essential. This partnership will help small and mid-size organizations attract, objectively identify and hire top talent,” said Jim Wolfe, CEO at WOLFE, Inc.

Integration between the two complementary organizations will be located in the cloud-based BirdDog ATS platform. Organizations will be able to track and report on the recruitment process, access background screening and drug tests results in real-time, and move forward with all data accessible via the easy-to-use BirdDog ATS.

“Creating a safe work environment is important to all organizations but critical to those with local, state and federal regulations they must adhere to. Organizations that are proactive with drug screening and background checks eliminate risk. It’s a solid investment in the future of an organization,” said Todd Skokan, CEO at BirdDog.

To learn more about the importance of background screening BirdDog customers and the public are invited to download this complimentary online webinar:

Background Screening: Top 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
60 minute session
Presented by: Joy Osburn, Background Operations Manager, WOLFE, Inc.