A construction carpenter and his apprentice standing at the job site.

So You Want to Be an Apprentice?

It’s no secret that the talent shortage means an abundance of construction jobs are available for candidates in the field. This is good news for you as a jobseeker but how do you know you’re getting the best deal possible? The truth might be hard to see through the forest...

A woman sitting at her computer and smiling at the camera.

Ditch Those Third-Party Job Boards

It wasn’t long ago that job distribution was as simple as submitting a “Help Wanted” ad in the newspaper or tacking a flier onto a community bulletin board. Those signs have been replaced by online job boards, email blasts, social media posts and mobile apps. When BirdDogHR™ was founded in...

A woman hiding and peeking around the edge of a door frame.

The Sneaky Place Your Best Candidates Hide

Your job ad has been up for weeks and you haven’t gotten any viable applicants yet. The clock is ticking. The longer this position sits open, the more money your company bleeds due to lost productivity. You can’t figure out why nobody’s biting. Where have all the good candidates gone?...

Young businesswoman smiling with colleagues in the background.

How to Put Your Recruiting Metrics to Work

Which are your most effective recruiting channels? What is your application completion rate? What’s your candidates per hire rate? How long does it take your company to fill an open position?

One of the advantages of using recruiting and ATS software is that it collects metrics to help you...

Construction, medical and HVAC workers

3 Case Studies That Show How BirdDogHR Can Help Your Recruiting Process

When you have limited resources to complete projects, the recruiting process can feel like a burden. Creating, posting and distributing job ads is time-consuming. Keeping up with compliance issues is difficult.

It doesn’t have to be this way. BirdDogHR’s recruitment and ATS solution can improve your talent management process,...

Female electronic engineer holding a CPU in her hand

How To Address 4 Common STEM Workforce Challenges

HR is challenging at the best of times, but HR professionals within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries face unique challenges. In particular, it can be difficult to find skilled, diverse employees, retain them, and then plan for their succession.

Luckily, HR professionals in STEM don’t have...

Job applicant in a team interview

The Ins and Outs of Team Interviewing

We recently contributed to an article titled “The Ins and Outs of Team Interviewing” on, exploring the topics of one-on-one, panel and casual group interviews, and why non-traditional interview approaches are beneficial for both candidates and employees.

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Young employees collaborating

What You Need to Know About Recruitment and OFCCP Compliance

Eliminating gender, racial and ethnically-based discrimination in the workplace is a key priority for the OFCCP . All federal contractors are required to implement certain processes while recruiting new employees to ensure they are making good faith efforts with outreach to racial minorities, individuals with disabilities, individuals of all genders,...