How to Impress a New Hire on Their First Day

Young man smiling at co-worker

First impressions have always been important, but the first impression your new hires gets of the company will most likely determine if they continue working for you or not. According to a SHRM study, half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months in a new position and half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days. An effective onboarding process is the key to impressing and engaging new hires on day one.

An effective onboarding process starts with a 100 percent paperless process. This reduces the time it takes to fill out new hire paperwork, reduces the chance for data input error and ensures compliance. Plus new hires will see that your organization is modern, while getting into their role faster.

After quickly getting them through the paperless process, immerse them in the company culture. Show off the values, goals and the vision of the company, while making expectations explicit. They should know what they are working towards and what is expected from them right from the start.

When there is a common goal to work towards, new hires will become sufficient in their roles and engagement levels will start to rise. According to a SHRM study, organizations perceive effective onboarding as improving retention rates by 52 percent, time to productivity by 60 percent and overall job satisfaction by 53 percent.

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