Female hiring manager holding her forehead with her hand, staring at the ceiling.

You Panicked and Hired the Wrong Person. Now What?

It’s every hiring manager’s nightmare. After weeks of an extensive hiring process, background checks, reference verifications, onboarding paperwork and first day setup, it appears that you’ve hired an absolute rockstar. Life is good in your department and you think your job is done. But slowly this new employee’s façade starts...

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Attract Millennials to Construction by Giving Back

National Volunteer Week, established in 1974 by Points of Light , runs from April 15-21 this year. The week aims to thank and recognize volunteer efforts by individuals and groups around the world. In celebration of the week, we’re making a case for why construction companies should introduce volunteer opportunities...

Screenshot of resume parsing technology

What Exactly Is Resume Parsing?

Many recruiters, hiring managers and HR teams utilize recruiting software and applicant tracking systems to accomplish their hiring goals. One major benefit of recruiting software is that it saves hiring managers time by examining resumes and applicant information digitally and automatically, rather than the traditional manual process. There are many...

Female construction foreman reviewing OFCCP violations

Top 3 OFCCP Violations of 2017 and How to Avoid Them in 2018

Infrastructure Improvement Initiative

Infrastructure is a big deal. So big, in fact, that the federal government plans to spend $1.5 trillion on repairing and upgrading America’s infrastructure in the hopes of creating jobs, expanding communities and ensuring safety of the structures we depend on for daily life. The budget will...

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4 Busy Season Construction Challenges and How BirdDogHR Can Help

A busy project season is what every construction and manufacturing manager wants — but only if their team and company is equipped to deal with the surge of new projects and more employees. While the busy season can yield fruitful business results, these times of year are also ripe with...

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How to Improve Retention Rates at Your Company

If your staff seems like a revolving door, you’ve got a problem: replacing staff is incredibly expensive. The cost of replacing one employee can be as high as five times the employee’s annual salary.

As the unemployment rate drops — some sources say it is the lowest it has...

Hand filling out a paper employee performance evaluation form

6 Steps to a More Effective Performance Management Program

BirdDogHR recently contributed an article titled "6 Steps to a More Effective Performance Management Program" on TLNT. This article explores how companies can audit their current performance management processes and transition into a more streamlined process that promotes employee engagement and retention.

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Ditch Those Third-Party Job Boards

It wasn’t long ago that job distribution was as simple as submitting a “Help Wanted” ad in the newspaper or tacking a flier onto a community bulletin board. Those signs have been replaced by online job boards, email blasts, social media posts and mobile apps. When BirdDogHR™ was founded in...

A woman hiding and peeking around the edge of a door frame.

The Sneaky Place Your Best Candidates Hide

Your job ad has been up for weeks and you haven’t gotten any viable applicants yet. The clock is ticking. The longer this position sits open, the more money your company bleeds due to lost productivity. You can’t figure out why nobody’s biting. Where have all the good candidates gone?...