Male employee wearing flannel shirt sits across a table from his manager during a performance review.

Is the Performance Management Cycle Still Relevant?

Hiring talented employees is only half the battle. Developing employees and monitoring their performance is an ongoing and crucial process. Without a regular feedback loop , an employee may not be working up to their full potential. Not only does this leave staff frustrated, but it can lead to employee...

Young female manufacturing worker using a tablet in a factory and smiling at the camera.

4 Ways to Go Digital to Attract Manufacturing Talent

Like it or not, working in the manufacturing industries isn’t a dream career for many young people — and this could be a problem for HR team members and executives in the near future. That’s because Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2020 . If you want...

Senior female employee providing job training to her young successor.

3 Quick Tips for Transitioning Employees

Employee turnover is a natural part of a company’s lifecycle. Employees are hired, they work, and they retire, leaving open positions that cannot be easily filled by hiring brand new talent. Hiring that way drains company time and resources, due to exorbitant hiring and training costs, and even then, the...

A young man wearing glasses sits at his computer desk wearing headphones around his neck.

How to Train Employees Who Learn Differently

By now, most managers have established that each of their employees is unique in their personality and work style. Why should employers be surprised that their diverse, individual employees have different learning styles as well? Because employees are individuals and have different needs when it comes to effective learning and...