How to Stay Competitive with the 2016 Talent Management Trends

2016 Talent Management Trends image

Was your company’s New Year resolution to retain a great team and grow your business? By keeping up with the 2016 talent management trends, you’ll be able to solidify your workforce development strategy and fulfill your resolution.

First to attract top talent, outline the perfect candidate in your job posting to gain the specific skill set that you are looking for. In addition when your talent management strategy also has a focus on diverse audiences, you’ll reap the benefits of employing candidates with unique life experiences that will help you achieve your business goals.

After you’ve hired a great team, whether you want to increase engagement in new hires or seasoned employees, you will need to invest in skill development. Skill gaps prevent employees from staying engaged. A strategy that includes offering ongoing training via a learning management system can help close those gaps by educating employees with the skills that can make them successful.

Giving and receiving timely feedback also encourages increased employee engagement. A focus on performance management promotes consistent feedback and helps align employee goals with company goals. Employees, especially Millennials who are used to an instant response time, are more likely to feel their work is benefiting the company when they receive timely feedback. 56% of employees feel acknowledged and appreciated by managers that have implemented a performance management system. (Source)

Once you have attracted and engaged top talent, it’s important that you retain them. Improve employee retention when you recruit from within and prepare your employees for future responsibilities and immerse them in your company’s culture. Only 47% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs and 89% of hiring failures are due to poor cultural fit. (Source)

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