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    BirdDogHR Time and Attendance

    Track and monitor when employees start and stop work

    BirdDogHR™ Time and Attendance — powered by InfinityHR — is a cloud-based solution that makes tracking and approving employee time through the Employee Portal painless. It allows employees to enter their time and for managers to approve it all through a simple automated module.

    Attendance tracking manages all data electronically, routing it to your payroll provider to facilitate faster and easier transfers.

  • Time Entry Methods

    Capture time data through a flexible attendance tracker that can be used as a punch-in in the Employee Portal, an integration with a physical timeclock, timesheets or a kiosk setup.

    BirdDogHR offers a physical time clock solution with ExakTime.


    Employee identification methods include a 4-digit pin, card swipe or fingerprint scan.

    Empower Managers

    Managers can review and approve time off requests for employees directly through the Employee Portal. They can also manage various time data sets through configurable settings to organize and view the data they way they need it to analyze any reporting efforts.

    Reporting and Tracking Expenses

    Your administrators will have full visibility into all expenses by tracking business costs with the power to populate extensive pay period reporting at a click of a button. Quickly review and approve expense submissions, categorize cost center related expenses and employee reimbursements and configure reports to organize and view the data how you need it.

    Mobile Access

    Time and Attendance can be accessed through a mobile device, giving end users the power to gain entry to the module from anywhere.

    Manage Time Off Like A Pro

    BirdDogHR’s time-off manager allows you to define how employees should earn time off, while also automatically calculating the available time each employee has left based on your standardized rules.

    This module provides the following benefits for managers and employees:

    • The time off manager automatically calculates available time off for each employee, either through “accrual based” rules or through annually awarded units
    • Employee requests will be automatically routed to the appropriate manager for approval through the Employee Portal
    • Employees can view balances and accrual transactions through the Portal, or via mobile
    • Managers can view pending requests and take appropriate action on them by using a variety of built-in tools
    • Managers have access to a robust reporting dashboard to track trends in time off data