BirdDogHR Succession

Business succession planning and employee management software

BirdDogHR™ Succession Planning software is a cloud-based solution that allows companies to accurately review employee performance and readiness with scorecards, comparative ratings and 9-box Talent Matrices.

Integrated with BirdDogHR Talent Management software, the BirdDogHR Succession Planning software leverages performance data from goals, competencies and employee development plans. The key data is then centralized to provide real-time insight into the existing (and future) talent bench at your organization.

Attract the Workforce You Need

  • Millennials are the largest generation in today’s workforce, and succession management is the kind of initiative this employee group wants from your organization.
  • Succession planning software can give Millennials accelerated development opportunities, as well as an understanding of where they can advance within their current organization — and how they’ll get there.
  • Not only does business succession planning help the Millennial workforce feel valued, but it also appeals to Generation X and Generation Z employees, too.

Improve Employee Development

  • Understanding where gaps currently exist in your company’s talent pool empowers you to develop your employees’ skills and expertise.
  • With the BirdDogHR business succession planning software, managers can offer training and other employee development opportunities.
  • Help staff overcome current obstacles and prepare for future roles within the organization.

Boost Employee Retention

  • Succession management benefits both the organization as well as current employees.
  • By preparing your workforce for advancement and growth opportunities, you keep them invested in your organization — and less likely to leave.
  • The BirdDogHR employee management software provides training options and a clear career path for your staff to pursue, which can help improve retention rates in return.

Reduce Organizational Risk

  • Succession planning software provides visibility into your company’s current talent gaps.
  • Your company can quickly adapt if specialized skill sets or domain expertise are absent from your workforce.

Through BirdDogHR, we found a system that provided us a database of information that was easily accessible, saving us considerable time and money. BirdDogHR was dedicated to making sure that we were happy and got exactly what we paid for. I’m very happy with the level of professionalism and look forward to continuing to our relationship with BirdDogHR.

Kenny McFarlen
Human Resources & Finance Manager