BirdDogHR Recruiting AI and Texting

Reach candidates faster with your personal AI texting assistant

When candidates seek key company information, the window of opportunity to provide a great experience is short. Create a better candidate experience with BirdDogHR Recruiting AI and Texting—powered by Paradox. This personal AI assistant offers intelligent, dynamic and human-like web and text chats to walk candidates through your entire recruiting process with ease.

Meet Olivia

Configure your AI recruiting assistant to the specific needs of your company and/or position. We call her Olivia, but you can rename her whatever you’d like.


Capture necessary candidate information including name, email address, mobile phone number and positions of interest, directly from your website or careers page.

Employee Referral Program

Encourage current employees to refer their networks by texting your assistant with the name and phone number of their referral – your assistant will do the rest.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews with hiring managers, offer multiple interview times and include details such as location and agenda. If applicants don’t attend the first scheduled time, continue the conversation to get the meeting rescheduled based availability for both the candidate and the recruiter or hiring manager.

Candidate Care

Nurture candidates throughout the recruiting experience. Direct them to your online application through a text link and remind them of scheduled interview times.

Outbound Campaigns

Deploy outbound text campaigns to prepare for upcoming staffing needs. Using your talent bench, you can create customized messages and send them to thousands of contacts within minutes.

98% of recruiting texts have a successful open rate

66% of job seekers are comfortable interacting with AI and chatbots

89% of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role in their job search

With BirdDogHR Recruiting AI and Texting, you can engage and hire top candidates quicker. Create a personalized candidate experience and turn candidates into new hires with our AI recruiting software.

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