Recruiting AI and Texting

Meet Olivia

Engage candidates and employees in text and web-based chats to get their questions answered faster. Configure your AI recruiting assistant to the specific needs of your company and/or position. We call her Olivia, but you can rename her whatever you’d like.

"Olivia" standing in front of a smartphone screenshot of a Recruiting AI text conversation

For Employers

Reach Candidates Faster

Provide a better candidate experience with configurable web and text-based chats that help you recruit 24/7.

Capture Necessary Information

Gather information like name, email address, phone number and positions of interest directly from your website or careers page.

Schedule Interviews

Integrate internal calendars with Olivia to automatically schedule interviews with candidates. Rescheduling is also available if needed for the candidate or hiring manager.

Share Company Information

As Olivia learns more about your company, she can answer candidate and employee questions with the appropriate responses, and direct candidates to your online application.

Deploy Outbound Campaigns

Use Olivia to help you recruit for upcoming staffing needs. Olivia can send customized messages to thousands of contacts within minutes.

Pre-Screen Candidates

Olivia uses your pre-qualifying questions to screen candidates as they interact with her via chat. Top candidates receive expedited interview invitations.

For Employees

Get Information Faster

Employees can interact with Olivia too via web or text-based chats to find information faster.

BirdDogHR Recruiting AI and Texting screenshot

Gather Employee Referrals

Employees can message Olivia with candidate referrals. Olivia will gather the referral’s information and begin a text conversation with the potential candidate.

Ask Questions

Olivia acts as an internal database for frequently asked questions. Employees can even chat with Olivia to find information on-the-spot.

Discover the BirdDogHR Difference

Dedicated Account Management

Your Account Manager is available via phone or email to help you achieve your goals.

Use with Your ATS

Olivia guides candidates to apply using your online application. Once they’ve applied, Olivia will continue to nurture them until you’ve used your ATS to disposition them.

Customer Care

If technical questions arise, our Customer Care team is available via phone or email, Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm CT to help.

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