BirdDogHR Performance Management

Automate the employee review process

BirdDogHR™ Performance Management software is a cloud-based solution that allows team members to direct their own career development toward mutually agreed upon goals and competencies. This gives managers a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their teams for improved employee performance management and employee engagement.

Frequent Feedback for the Next Generation

Our HR performance solutions prepare companies for the needs of the next generations of workers. As Millennials and Generation Z workers grow in their careers, they want and expect frequent feedback on their performance. With the employee performance solutions from BirdDogHR, managers can maintain a stronger pulse on their business while providing younger generations with retention-boosting, frequent evaluations.

Real-Time Performance Management

Our performance management software makes the one-time annual performance review a thing of the past. Because businesses move at a rapid pace, managers must strive for ongoing employee engagement and feedback. BirdDogHR Performance Management software allows you to customize and update your processes in real-time, to help your teams deliver the best performance possible in an agile, fast-paced world.

Easy to Use

Your employees are busy. That’s why we’ve designed our performance management software to be incredibly easy for them to use. To foster employee engagement, staff are informed via email and on their homepage when items are due. While completing forms, the performance management system auto-saves their work so they don’t lose progress when they step away or if their computer locks up.

  • Two co-workers meeting to review job performance

    Align Employee Goals with Company Strategy

    Our performance management software enables managers to align employee goals with corporate strategy by establishing individual goals for team members based on larger company goals. Managers can also divide goals into multiple attainable levels to maintain employee engagement as team members move along their chosen career paths.

  • Promote Employee Engagement

    By setting customized competencies managers can evaluate performance and encourage growth year-round. This not only cultivates higher employee engagement and lower employee turnover, but also prepares the company for succession planning.

    Centralize & Standardize Processes

    With our performance management software, managers can create individual review forms and configure question types to highlight out-of-the-box competencies. This makes it easier to standardize the processes for employees in a particular role. The software also allows for 360-degree feedback from multiple stakeholders to save time and improve consistency during performance reviews.

    Talent Management Made Easy

    Employee performance management is one of the most critical challenges any organization will face. Our performance management software tracks fulfillment of goals while maintaining employee engagement for all-round results. Every company needs to understand whether employees are performing well and wants to provide timely and specific developmental feedback. And if employees fall short on performance or require training to take the next step on their career path, the BirdDogHR Learning Management System is already integrated and easy to configure to deliver and track training.

    Project Based Reviews

    Employees often work on projects with different teams, managers and locations, especially in the skilled trades. When a project is complete, managers and co-workers can evaluate employee performance for a finished project. The BirdDogHR performance management system tracks and stores each review within the employee’s file so their next project manager can review past performance.

  • BirdDogHR helped us streamline our performance evaluation process and gives us insight about the way our employees perform. The easy-to-use system stores our performance data in a centralized location, so I can easily track our progress towards business goals while providing consistent and timely feedback to our employees.