BirdDogHR EZPay Payroll Processing Solution

HR payroll software to simplify your payroll processing

BirdDogHR™ EZPay Payroll Processing solution — powered by InfinityHR — is a cloud-based software that automates the connection between human resources and payroll processing modules, corralling all your related data into one single location.

Administrators and end users have the power to manage, update and delete all their data seamlessly, avoiding common hassles such as duplication errors and lost or corrupted data with this compensation management software.

Avoid Common Payroll Problems

In some cases, HR payroll systems are challenged in processing taxes, earnings and deductions, which would lead to a whole host of issues. The BirdDogHR payroll processing software helps avoid common problems such as:

  • Incorrect tax filings
  • Filing taxes past the deadline
  • Employee’s final pay
  • Inaccuracies
  • Exposure to fees and penalties levied by the IRS

Scalable as Your Requirements Change

No matter how fast your business is growing, your requirements are constantly changing. With BirdDogHR’s EZPay module, you can count on this cloud-based technology to change as you do, removing the need to find new and reliable partners to work with.

The BirdDogHR EZPay Payroll processing solution avoids these nagging issues that leave many businesses struggling to keep up with their payroll demands, preventing them from running their organization efficiently.

Ease-of-Use for Administrators

Admins have access to detailed payroll entry capabilities across applicable deductions, earnings and tax codes with the ability to process payroll for multiple EINs.They also have automated tools at their disposal to generate paystubs, W2s and other reports.

Admins also have access to sophisticated control over paycheck overrides which includes the ability to view tax frequencies, block earnings/deduction codes, block direct deposits, and more for easy-to-use compensation management software.

Perfect for In-House Payroll Processing

In-house Payroll admins will have quick and easy access to transfer payroll data automatically, allowing them to easily create and print manual checks.

Fully Integrated HR and Payroll Management

BirdDogHR’s human resource payroll software connects HR departments and payroll accrued through increased efficiencies and accuracy.

Data Syncing and Sharing Through Automation

HR payroll software syncs data in real-time, including information from employee records such as:

  • Demographics
  • Compensation rates and transactions
  • Direct deposits
  • Deductions
  • Federal, state and local taxes

Create a Streamlined Implementation Process for the Future

Data load utilities efficiently pull employee and payroll data directly between BirdDogHR and InfinityHR. This makes implementation of new groups to the platform(s) a more streamlined process.

With data audit tools at your disposal and the ability to sync data from a single HR account to multiple payroll processing companies, businesses are equipped with payroll processing software that will move them forward in their business goals.