BirdDogHR Onboarding

Employee onboarding software to get new hires on the job faster

BirdDogHR™ Onboarding software is a cloud-based solution that simplifies employee onboarding. With our employee onboarding software, your company can organize and automate the paperwork required to start your new employees on the job quickly and efficiently. Not only does this streamline the onboarding process, it saves your company time and boosts productivity. Your new employees’ first day can lead the company to success with the correct onboarding system.

Save Time

Our HR onboarding software automates the time-consuming administration portion of the process for streamlined simplicity. Your managers will have more time to train new staff members and prepare them for a successful career at your company.

Save Money

Employee onboarding can be costly and a manual process uses administrative resources that could be better used elsewhere at your company. Our 100% paperless, electronic onboarding process reduces the chance of data input errors, saving your company valuable resources in the long run.

Manage Forms More Effectively

BirdDogHR’s formal onboarding process provides companies access to a comprehensive library of dynamic online forms. Employees can access the forms they need based on working and residence locations. Because everything within the BirdDogHR onboarding software is digital, it’s even easier and safer to store and access all your documents.

Ensure Complete Compliance

Our paperless employee onboarding software reduces the risk of error by ensuring a consistent and compliant process, every time through:

Integrate with Payroll and HRIS

BirdDogHR Onboarding software is cloud-based and easy to integrate with third party systems like payroll and your HRIS. Multiple options are available including automated SFTP or via API, allowing you to pull your new hire data from our employee onboarding software and pass it along to another system.

Improve Employee Engagement

An employee’s engagement can be heavily influenced in the first few days. With BirdDogHR Onboarding software, your new employee can walk onto the job with all their HR paperwork complete, ready to get started. The anytime, anywhere cloud software will leverage your new employee’s excitement and extend your brand.

Customized New Hire Experience

BirdDogHR Onboarding software allows employers to tailor the new hire experience and immerse them in company culture from day one. Within the onboarding software welcome portal, new hires will be greeted with a customizable video or photo of the company’s choosing. HR onboarding software can be used after an employee is hired and continued throughout the first year to improve professional development.

Upload Policies and Handbooks

Eliminate the hassle of HR teams using manual processes to track when documents are signed by using a centralized HR onboarding software. BirdDogHR’s Onboarding module allows new hires to electronically sign off on documents before their first day and they can refer back to them as needed. This keeps companies protected knowing all of the required documentation has been completed at a company-level.

Rebecca Battle-Bryant headshot

The BirdDogHR solutions we’ve implemented so far have allowed us to be much more '21st century' and made it possible for us to connect with the Millennial workforce in ways we hadn’t before. Our onboarding time has also been drastically improved—we can now get it done in around 24 hours. BirdDogHR was definitely the right choice for us.

Rebecca Battle-Bryant
VP of Employee Resources & Workforce Development