BirdDogHR Learning Management System

Develop key talent and boost performance

As part of the BirdDogHR™ cloud-based HR software, the Learning Management System (LMS) enables organizations to capture, create, manage, and share company and employee knowledge. The online learning management system centralizes and automates workforce development, which makes employee learning, collaboration and ongoing training both effective and efficient. Beyond improved workforce productivity and business processes, the BirdDogHR learning and development software also supports compliance, offering your company a standardized, easy-to-use process for documentation.

Engage Employees

The skills gap can prevent employees from staying engaged and helping your company meet strategic goals. While it might be tempting to hire new employees to fill the gap, this isn’t always the most effective strategy in the long run.

With the BirdDogHR training management software, you can motivate the people who already have a strong grasp of your company’s core competencies — your current staff. Providing your employees with learning opportunities shows that you care about their career path at your organization. This can improve employee engagement and morale, while saving costs that might otherwise be spent on hiring.

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    Keep Your Team Informed

    Our cloud-based training management software communicates critical messages to your team through the power of storytelling.

    With the BirdDogHR Online Content catalogue, you can build employee knowledge faster than ever before. Your staff can learn anywhere and anytime, for maximum flexibility and easy access. We pride ourselves on the quality of our training programs, which include up-to-the-minute information and videos. From HR and Compliance to Health and Safety, our course bundles are created by instructional designers and supported by a network of recognized industry experts.

  • Improve Workforce Productivity

    With a searchable course catalog, powerful reporting capabilities, and user-friendly dashboards, the BirdDogHR learning management system software helps you support employee development. You can view each team member’s performance and provide them with the training they need to advance in their careers. By helping your employees refine existing skills and add new ones, you aid in workforce productivity, which ultimately boosts company revenue.

    Centralize Certifications & Compliance

    Keeping your team certified and compliant is key to safety at your workplace. No matter how busy you are, our cloud-based learning management software ensures you never fall behind on legal requirements or your business goals.

    BirdDogHR’s compliance and certification management allows you to set due dates and reminders, as well as integrate online and on-the-job activities. You can view all your reporting in one centralized location and check that your employees are up to date in their training. Your staff can even upload their certificates from their mobile devices, making company record-keeping simple.

    Easy to Use

    When employees log into BirdDogHR, they can view their learning plan, assigned courses and course history right from their home dashboard. The training management software will send email updates when a course is assigned or to remind employees of upcoming due dates.