BirdDogHR Data Transfer

Automatically share information with your ERP, HRIS, Payroll or Benefits Carriers

Software is meant to make our lives easier, but data that exists in silos isn’t helpful. BirdDogHR Data Transfer integrates ERP, Payroll, HRIS and benefits solutions to save your company time, money and stress by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry efforts and managing employee data in multiple systems.

Secure Data Transfer and APIs

Customers can leverage BirdDogHR’s automated secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and application programming interface (API) functionality to securely integrate data with other business applications. The automated SFTP function allows for large batch processing of data like importing all of your employee information, including locations, managers or job codes. The open API function allows customers to build integrations to mission critical systems that require real-time access to data.

ERP Integrations

BirdDogHR Data Transfer integrates with Sage 100, Sage 300, Viewpoint Spectrum and Viewpoint Vista. As data feeds between BirdDogHR and your ERP, your company can use that information to make strategic employee decisions knowing that the ERP system integration provides accurate and timely data.

HRIS, Payroll Integrations and More

Along with ERP system integration options, BirdDogHR Data Transfer also works seamlessly with your current system to provide HRIS integration and HR Payroll solutions, or other business management software systems. Through open APIs, there are many opportunities to integrate additional systems to provide your company with payroll and HRIS solutions.

Communication with Top Benefits Carriers

Administrators have the ability to directly transfer files with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software, such as EDI 834. Through BirdDogHR Data Transfer, benefits selections can be transferred to over 300 top carriers, including Unum, Aflac, BlueCross BlueShield and more.

Through our partnership with HRNX, connecting HRIS or payroll software and data to the BirdDogHR Talent Management System suite is easy and automated. Our pre-built connectors with HRNX allows BirdDogHR simple turnkey connections to Ceridian, Kronos, Microsoft Dynamics, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, Ultimate Software and many more. See BirdDogHR Team for a complete list.

Get Started

Current BirdDogHR customers looking to integrate their ERP system should reach out to their account manager for more information. New to BirdDogHR? Request a free HR assessment to learn more about our system and seamless integration options.