• Team of employees

    BirdDogHR Core HR

    HR management software to oversee your processes with one solution

    BirdDogHR™ Core HR — powered by InfinityHR — includes cloud-based solutions that allow administrators and end users access to oversee all HR management such as:

    • Employee Self-Service (Portal)
    • Time-Off Tracking
    • Workflow Management
    • EZSign (electronic document signing)
    • Surveys
    • Reporting and Employee record management in the form of Demographic Tracking
    • Payroll Record Tracking
    • Asset Tracking
    • EEOC, Osha Form 300 and Vet 100

    All of these modules are stored in one convenient and secure location. With BirdDogHR’s automated HR management software, users can increase efficiency by eliminating redundant tasks and decrease manual user errors.

  • Employee Self-Service Portal

    The Employee Self-Service module allows employees to maneuver and track the information that matters most to them such as PTO and sick leave, benefits statements, clocking in/out, expense reports, paystubs and more.

    With greater control over their information in the Core HR software, they have the power to make decisions without having to wait for hours or days to get a response back from their supervisor. Human resource management software allows information to be sent quicker, received quicker and response time is quicker. This sped up process of data sharing and reviewing creates a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

    Time-Off Tracking

    The Employee Time-Off Tracking module lets you define how employees should earn time-off, and automatically calculates available time for each employee based on your set, standardized rules.

    Employees can request time-off, and at the click of a button, the request is routed to the manager for their approval. This module also allows employees and managers to view balances and transactions easily, while giving managers and admins a powerful dashboard for reporting purposes. Employee time off requests are also available through our mobile application

    Workflow Management

    The Workflow Management module is an excellent addition to organizations that want automated trigger points to help them stay on task with any processes that include multiple steps and touchpoints. For example, this module is perfect for new employees beginning their onboarding journey, employees preparing for their upcoming review with management and/or simply as a project management tool to track progress from one employee to another. With EZSign (electronic signature), you can save time, money and paper by delivering pre-filled forms and collecting digital signatures for your documents within the Workflow Management module.


    Taking the “temperature” of your employee base is easier with the Surveys Module. Create online surveys to open the channel of communication between employees and leadership in anonymous and scored assessments. Administrators can send out surveys to employees via multiple choice, write-ins or customized with their own style if they so choose. Through automation, companies can quickly collect and analyze data to make business-critical decisions to reach goals.