BirdDogHR Collaboration

Improve employee engagement

Empower employees to communicate with their peers in an open forum while also promoting online learning within your company. With BirdDogHR™ Collaboration employees can share ideas and challenge the status quo, resulting in a more engaged and productive workforce with reduced turnover.

Centralize Communication Assets

Oftentimes an organization will require an online document repository to store and easily access important documents. With the Knowledge Base, users can easily access documents, videos and other reference material. Create categories to build a sorting system to keep items easily accessible. BirdDogHR understands that security is important so administrative access to this module is controlled by permissions.

  • Employees collaborating on a project

    Share and Document Best Practices

    Online collaboration provides a repository for knowledge from experienced employees and allows newer employees to provide feedback on ways to improve processes. All employees benefit and specific knowledge is easily accessible and stored rather than lost when an employee leaves.