• BirdDogHR Talent Management System responsive screens
  • Integrated Talent Management Software

    Manage your processes from any device

    Our cloud-based HR software supports the ever-changing needs of your company. Straightforward and easy to use, the BirdDogHR Talent Management software is mobile friendly and configurable. Our modular approach gives you the flexibility to start out with the full suite or with just a few modules at a time as your workforce requirements evolve.

    Recruitment and ATS

    Find top talent quickly and easily

    With our strategic HR software, systematic employment branding, job distribution, candidate management, and reporting are simpler than ever before. That means you can rely on greater efficiency and tight compliance at your company.

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    Get new employees on the job faster

    BirdDogHR’s talent management software organizes and automates the onboarding process without the piles of paperwork, so your new employee can start making a difference at your company right away.

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    Automate the employee review process

    Our integrated talent management aligns employees and managers with company goals. The result? A flexible feedback loop that increases productivity among all your team members.

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    Develop key talent and boost performance

    With our cloud-based HR software, you can capture, create, manage, and share knowledge throughout your entire team. This supports compliance and encourages employee productivity, so you can accelerate critical business processes and power a stronger organizational performance.

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    Build key competencies for the future

    BirdDogHR’s strategic HR software allows you to accurately review employee performance and readiness with scorecards, comparative ratings, and 9-Box Talent Matrices. Identify gaps and prepare high potentials to take the next step at your company, so you’re ready for whatever the future brings.

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    Improve employee engagement

    Streamline communication and encourage collaboration with our cloud-based HR software. You can even document and share best practices quickly and easily among your team members – no matter where they’re located.

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