BirdDogHR Talent Management System responsive screens

Integrated Talent Management Software

Upgrade your talent management software for HR improvements

The BirdDogHR cloud-based talent management software supports the ever-changing needs of your company. Straightforward and easy to use, the BirdDogHR Talent Management software is mobile friendly and configurable. Candidates can apply for jobs and complete onboarding paperwork from a mobile device, and current employees can access training and evaluations. The BirdDogHR modular approach gives you the flexibility to start out with the full suite or with just a few modules at a time as your workforce requirements evolve.

Recruitment and ATS

Find top talent quickly and easily with ATS recruitment software

With the BirdDogHR strategic talent acquisition software, systematic employment branding, job distribution, candidate management, and reporting are automated and promote hiring efficiency. At a time when great employees can be hard to find, the BirdDogHR ATS does the heavy-lifting for you, all while maintaining complete hiring compliance. With job board integrations and social recruiting options, you can attract a wide pool of qualified candidates at every skill level to build high-performing teams.

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Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding software to get new hires on the job faster

The BirdDogHR talent management software allows new hires to quickly complete their onboarding paperwork from any computer or mobile device. As new federal and state employee onboarding regulations are released, the BirdDogHR talent management system is updated to reflect those changes. Managers don’t have to worry about tracking down documents or correcting handwriting mistakes, and new employees can get to work right away on their first day.

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Performance Management

Performance management software to automate the employee review process

The BirdDogHR integrated talent management software aligns employees and managers with company goals. The result? A flexible feedback loop that increases productivity among all your team members and gets everyone moving toward common goals.

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Learning Management

Learning management software to develop key employee talent

Delivering training opportunities through the BirdDogHR talent management system promote employee development, upskilling and ultimately improve the bottom line. When employees are confident in their skills and knowledge, they perform more efficiently and safely and are more engaged with their workplace. Tracking completed courses and certifications through the system gives managers confidence that their workforce is compliant and knowledgeable on the latest industry practices.

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Succession Planning

Business succession planning and employee management software

The BirdDogHR strategic talent management software allows you to accurately review employee performance and readiness with scorecards, comparative ratings, and 9-Box Talent Matrices. Identify gaps and prepare high potentials to take the next step at your company, so your company has a solid plan in place for whatever the future brings.

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Collaboration Solutions

Employee engagement and company collaboration software

Streamline communication and encourage collaboration with the cloud-based talent management solutions from BirdDogHR. You can even document and share best practices quickly and easily among your team members – no matter where they’re located.

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