HR Software Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Generate powerful teams and automate your workforce operations through BirdDogHR Talent Management System

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

The BirdDogHR ATS gives managers the ability to:

  • Expand and diversify your talent pool and fill positions quickly
  • Ensure skilled talent acquisition, so that projects are completed on time
  • Document and report on OFCCP recruitment outreach and survey responses

Learn More About Recruiting Candidates

In the manufacturing industry, you need to fill your open positions as quickly as possible - especially during the busy seasons. In order to keep your customers satisfied and your projects within deadlines, you have to ensure you’re acquiring top talent and avoiding any bad fit last-minute hires that could cause just as much damage as a labor shortage. HR Software solutions for the manufacturing industry can help.

Reaching out to the right talent is important for the success of your manufacturing organization. Our applicant tracking system helps you expand your talent pool, so you can find candidates more effectively than ever before.

Our software solutions for manufacturing relieve your HR department of time-consuming paperwork and processing during the busiest times, while ensuring that all hires are well qualified. What’s more, you can rest assured that the BirdDogHR ATS recruitment software will record all candidate information in accordance with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding software helps manufacturers to:

  • Automate new-hire HR documentation processes
  • Document acceptance of manufacturing company policies
  • E-Verify new employees efficiently

Learn More About Employee Onboarding

As soon as you hire your ideal candidate for an open position in the manufacturing industry, you need to act quickly. Onboarding software allows you to complete onboarding accurately and on time, enabling your new employee to start their manufacturing training programs right away.

By establishing an effective employee onboarding process, your new hire starts working sooner and with all the information they need to thrive. You’ll also engage new employees from their very first day, as they are immersed in the corporate culture and clear on job duties and expectations.

BirdDogHR Onboarding software supports manufacturing companies by automating HR documentation processes and eliminating paperwork that can be misplaced or mishandled. This also removes the need for paper processes related to the review and acceptance of common manufacturing company policies, including handbooks, safety manuals, and confidentiality forms.

Performance Management and Goal Alignment

Performance management software from BirdDogHR helps to:

  • Align employee goals with manufacturing company goals
  • Improve quality of work with consolidated performance management process
  • Promote continuous feedback with configurable review frequency
  • Allow employees and managers to document comments and feedback using a mobile device

Learn More About Performance

In the manufacturing industry, being able to effectively manage performance is vital to the success and safety of your employees. Streamlining the review process allows you to carry out employee performance management and any necessary follow-up manufacturing training quickly. This ensures essential workforce skills and reduces potentially dangerous safety gaps.

BirdDogHR Performance Management software helps you standardize company and employee goals, while motivating staff with the creation of their own distinct career path in manufacturing. In this way, manufacturing software can help elevate your workforce to the next level. On top of that, the system is easy to set up and offers configurable touch points, so you can focus on what you do best and boost productivity.

Learning Management and Employee Development

Ongoing training through the BirdDogHR LMS allows companies to:

  • Instantly access or update knowledge and required training related to manufacturing
  • Deliver training online with a desktop or mobile device
  • Send reminders and record the completion of manufacturing certifications and training

Learn More About Learning

A learning management system (LMS) keeps company training materials, plans, assessments, resources, and regulatory documents in one centralized system. Consolidating and automating your training processes saves time and ensures that everyone is working from the most up-to-date content and learning processes in a standardized way.

The BirdDogHR Learning Management System (LMS) delivers training content and centralizes all manufacturing training activities at your company. Employees can access the cloud-based software solutions for manufacturing with a mobile or desktop device and are immediately notified about training, compliance, safety, certification, and production requirements — all they need is an internet connection.

Career Planning and Succession Management

BirdDogHR succession management software can:

  • Prepare for loss of skilled talent
  • Inspire employees to build a career path in your manufacturing company
  • Identify who is ready to advance within your organization

Learn More About Succession

Build a solid team and ensure sustained success with a proactive succession planning software. By designing a dynamic leadership development program, you can prepare your staff for the future, while promoting a thriving culture that they want to remain part of.

Long-standing team members have developed critical knowledge that your entire team can benefit from. As an integrated system that uses BirdDogHR Performance Management and the BirdDogHR Learning Management System, BirdDogHR Succession lets you identify the employees who should be developed for key leadership roles. Middle and low-performing workers are also supported by the system, as weaknesses are easily identified and manufacturing training courses can be assigned to fill their skill gaps.

BirdDogHR helped us streamline our performance evaluation process and gives us insight about the way our employees perform. The easy-to-use system stores our performance data in a centralized location, so I can easily track our progress towards business goals while providing consistent and timely feedback to our employees.

Kris Barrios
HR Special Projects Manager