HR Software for Construction Companies

Building a solid workforce foundation is the first step in any construction project. BirdDogHR has the tools you need to construct a great crew and manage your workforce safely and efficiently.

When you’re juggling multiple key roles within your construction company, it can be difficult to find the time to manage your staff, but as your most important resource, you know you need to.

With decades of experience in the construction industry, BirdDogHR understands what it takes to effectively handle your business management processes. Our automated and configurable HR software for the construction industry not only helps you overcome your biggest challenges within staff management, but also improves the safety and efficiency at your company - which is essential in today’s fast-paced construction industry.

The BirdDogHR complete talent management software is built to address the particular pain points of the construction industry — and help you move your business forward.

From our applicant tracking system and onboarding software to our learning and performance management modules, BirdDogHR facilitates every step of the people management processes at your company, so you and your staff can focus on what really matters: the work you do.

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BirdDogHR is the only Affinity Program Provider for the Associated General Contractors of America that offers HR software for construction companies.

Find the Right Employee at the Right Time

With the BirdDogHR ATS, you can easily:

  • Expand your talent pool and fill positions quickly
  • Speed up hiring managed by busy HR people during peak season
  • Document and report on OFCCP recruitment outreach and survey responses

Learn More About Our Applicant Tracking System

BirdDogHR knows that in construction, when a position opens up you need to fill it fast — especially during seasonal booms. Working with one less person on the job can mean the difference between hitting your deadlines and incurring costly construction delays.

While it can be tempting to rush into the recruitment process, a panic hire could be just as costly as being short handed if it doesn’t meet federal compliance, or if your new employee lacks the skills you need. As the construction industry experiences a significant skills gap, recruiting candidates with specialized skills and key certifications has become even more difficult. Not only that, but the labor market now comprises four generations, each with their own job-seeking strategies. This all makes finding the right candidate a challenge when you need them the most.

With our applicant tracking system, we can help you expand your talent pool today to ensure you are filling those openings of tomorrow quickly with superior talent. This will give your swamped HR department the relief they need when things are at their busiest, while giving you the confidence that you’re making a solid hire. You can also be assured that you will have the documentation you need to report on Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recruitment outreach and surveys.

Onboarding without an HR Department

Contractors can use the onboarding software to:

  • Get people on the job fast
  • Retain information for seasonal workers
  • Automate manual processes

Learn More About Employee Onboarding

Once you find the ideal candidate to fill your job opening, you want them to be able to work right away. But, for a new hire to help you get the job done well and on time, they need to have all their documentation in place, get up to speed on your corporate culture, and become familiar with construction safety practices first. BirdDogHR’s onboarding software can help get new hires up and running quickly, even without an HR department.

At BirdDogHR, we know that an effective onboarding process for new employees is key to their success at your company, but we also know that it can be hard to find the time to implement one without the correct HR tools and resources. If you steamroll through this important step, your new hire may not fully understand their job duties and expectations, which can be potentially dangerous in the construction industry. On the other hand, if onboarding is dragged out, you may miss a golden opportunity to engage your employee from the start.

BirdDogHR’s Onboarding software is the ultimate HR software for construction companies. It allows you to automate your manual processes and takes organizing this time-consuming paperwork off your plate. By streamlining this process with onboarding construction software, you can also reduce data input errors, retain information for your seasonal workers, and ultimately get your new hires well prepared to make a difference at your company.

Performance Management and Goal Alignment

Performance management software from BirdDogHR helps to:

  • Streamline reviews
  • Set goals for personal and company growth
  • Implement flexible, easy-to-use processes for reviews

Learn More About Performance

Being able to effectively manage employee performance is crucial in the construction industry, not just to make sure your employees are doing their jobs correctly, but also to ensure the safety of everyone on the jobsite and your customers too. The problem is, carrying out an in-depth review of every single staff member’s performance is time consuming and takes you and your employees away from work.

BirdDogHR’s easy-to-use performance management software streamlines the review process, so you can quickly, easily and fairly evaluate your staff’s year-round progress - allowing you to follow up with the training and development plans each employee needs to thrive at your company. It’s a win-win situation. By using the HR software for construction to set goals that align with your company’s strategy, your employees become committed to your company’s success as well as their own personal growth. The higher the engagement and accountability among your workforce, the lower the turnover at your construction company, which is essential in this ever-changing marketplace.

Learning Management and Employee Development

Training and development with the LMS allows you to:

  • Train employees in a standardized way
  • Train on specific processes
  • Focus on safety

Learn More About Learning

To meet the standards of a safe and modern construction company, you need to provide ongoing training to your employees. But with staff working at multiple locations and on different shifts, it can be difficult to arrange training opportunities. Add to that the requirements of role-specific training, company-wide mandatory learning programs, and one-off workshops, and you’ve got a lot of administration and organization to take care of.

The BirdDogHR automated learning management system (LMS) keeps all of your training materials, plans, assessments, resources, and regulatory documents in one consolidated system. This means you can plan your programs quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that you’re providing up-to-date and standardized training. Not only that, but you can update and create important safety information, which is then sent to the entire workforce via their mobile devices. Learning management software for construction companies can save time and your staff’s lives — provided that they use what they’ve learned.

Preparing for Future Workforce Changes

BirdDogHR's succession management software can:

  • Prepare for the future as your existing talent advances
  • Enable employees to build a career path in your company
  • Identify who is ready to take the next step

Learn More About Succession

If you have long-term and reliable employees on your workforce, you know there will come a time when they will retire. At BirdDogHR, we understand that it’s hard to fill the void when a staff member with years of knowledge, specialized skills, and invaluable experience leaves your company.

Engaging your younger employees now by creating career paths within your company will help you maintain the knowledge base within your workforce. The BirdDogHR Succession planning software makes it easy for you to identify your most talented employees, so you know who will be able to take on key roles for your company’s continuity. By simply searching performance ratings from centralized data, you get a real-time view of your future talent bench.

As well as reducing the risk of a skills gap at your construction company, your investment in your best employees will boost their motivation. A candidate who knows the company has been trained by the people driving your success for years will be excited to follow in their footsteps. At BirdDogHR, we put this process in place with construction software, so you can start developing your most talented team members and avoid the skills gap so prevalent in the construction industry.

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The BirdDogHR solutions we’ve implemented so far have allowed us to be much more '21st century' and made it possible for us to connect with the Millennial workforce in ways we hadn’t before. Our onboarding time has also been drastically improved—we can now get it done in around 24 hours. BirdDogHR was definitely the right choice for us.

Rebecca Battle-Bryant
VP of Employee Resources & Workforce Development