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Customer success is a BirdDogHR strength. Find out why.

One page just isn’t enough for all of the great comments we’ve received from our customers. We have hundreds of testimonials but here are some of our favorites. Learn more about the success that companies are achieving with the BirdDogHR™ Talent Management Solution.

  • Our previous system was cumbersome, so we decided to look for a new way. BirdDogHR is so user friendly and has allowed us to do the basics better. Our recruiters are doing cartwheels about it. The ease of use has made it possible for us to re-imagine our HR processes to better reach our workforce. In addition, we’re doing the performance management and we’re trying some innovative ways to engage our employees in what we call a Quarterly Connect. We’ve been able to customize some old school evaluations to something a little more innovative. We also love the fact that it’s integrated with other systems.

    Jason Westenskow

    Zachry Corporation

  • Through the resources that BirdDogHR provided to us, we went from using multiple software systems to one system that integrates our existing payroll and E-Verify providers into our recruiting and onboarding process. They've never let us down and we've been very proud to work with BirdDogHR to make Utz Quality Foods a much stronger company.

    Steve Kerr

    Utz Quality Foods

  • Using the complete BirdDogHR Talent Management System, we now have online applications, assessments, background checks, drug screening and fully-integrated onboarding systems to handle the entire recruiting process — including compliance. It’s been a huge time saver and we’ve saved more than 50% of our budget just on recruiting alone. Performance management and succession planning will create the sustainable, long-term solution for us to drive our organization to the next level.

    Cathy Osborne

    Leopardo Construction

  • Through BirdDogHR, we found a system that provided us a database of information that was easily accessible, saving us considerable time and money. BirdDogHR was dedicated to making sure that we were happy and got exactly what we paid for. I’m very happy with the level of professionalism and look forward to continuing to our relationship with BirdDogHR.

    Kenny McFarlen

    Local Government Corporation

  • The BirdDogHR solutions we’ve implemented so far have allowed us to be much more '21st century' and made it possible for us to connect with the Millennial workforce in ways we hadn’t before. Our onboarding time has also been drastically improved—we can now get it done in around 24 hours. BirdDogHR was definitely the right choice for us.

    Rebecca Battle-Bryant

    United Infrastructure Group

  • BirdDogHR has helped me find better applicants in a market that we thought had none. It has really helped shorten the amount of time it takes to find a talented employee. Now we have an expanded network of applicants that are valuable and have the skills that we're looking for. The ATS also helps us find long-term employees that want to stay with us. The applicants that we've had through BirdDogHR are being retained too, and that helps us keep going day-to-day without skipping a beat.

    Vanessa Martinez

    The Levy Company, LP

  • Before, I was posting positions on every job board individually and then posting them to our webpage. BirdDogHR has streamlined the process and created a one-stop shop for us – it’s so much easier to meet our recruitment needs. The statistics and the data that we gather from our applicants is unmatched.

    Lori Pflughaupt

    Iowa DOT

  • We, along with a lot of other firms and smaller contractors, were having trouble with our EEO compliance and meeting DOT goals. BirdDogHR helped us pool our resources to start the AGC of Iowa Career Board. This initiative improved our ability to find qualified people, was cheaper than running multiple job ads and greatly improved our ability to meet OFCCP compliance regulations. Applicants can easily submit applications and we can more easily sort through them using criteria to find the best candidates and tracking them for EEO purposes.

    Robert Cramer

    Cramer & Associates, Inc.

  • We're federal contractors and the BirdDogHR ATS is perfect for our industry. The compliance piece is wonderful — it tracks all of our applicants and does all the reporting for us. It's been a cost saver for us when you really do the math. We have gained many efficiencies and with new features coming out all the time it just gets better and better.

    Angie Lovatto

    Tarlton Corporation

  • Previous to implementing the BirdDogHR ATS, we only had paper applications and had to have people come in to the office in person to apply, so that limited us to a local workforce. We are a federal contractor so we also needed to keep track of who was applying to our positions. Using the BirdDogHR ATS we have attracted applicants from everywhere from New York to Georgia — I can just post a job and people from everywhere see it online.

    Faith Hochanadel

    ShoffnerKalthoff Mechanical Electrical Service, Inc.

  • The BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System has opened up a wide range of applicants for us and has been a great organizational tool for us. It's all electronic — we can save applications and if we have an opening later, we can pull from those applicants that are on file. It really works well.

    Diane Henry

    JB Holland Construction

  • We are always eager to offer our employees consistent career growth. The BirdDogHR talent management system has helped us demonstrate our commitment to our employees through training and development opportunities, performance management feedback and a career plan for future growth. We know that our employees career growth powers our company growth.

    Jared Hummel

    MSP Plumbing Heating Air

  • I’m very pleased with BirdDogHR because of their price, quality of product and exceptional customer care team. We appreciate how easy it is to use the software, especially when it comes to applicant tracking and compliance documentation.

    Pat DeLucca

    Boh Bros.

  • You know the value when job candidates are commenting on how the application process is the easiest to use, most accurate and fastest they've ever completed. The BirdDogHR ATS is the same for me too. It's helping me manage the entire process from application to hire.

    Dan Keesling

    Johnstone Supply - Evansville

  • Since implementing the BirdDogHR ATS, our organization has maintained a solid structure for daily tasks. The BirdDogHR ATS has streamlined our recruitment process and meets all of our needs in the process. I appreciate the ease of use which makes the solution easy to navigate and maintain.

    Luis Cuellar

    Optima Tax Relief

  • BirdDogHR helped us streamline our performance evaluation process and gives us insight about the way our employees perform. The easy-to-use system stores our performance data in a centralized location, so I can easily track our progress towards business goals while providing consistent and timely feedback to our employees.

    Kris Barrios

    Arrowhead Products

  • Our processes for finding and onboarding new employees have significantly improved with the BirdDogHR ATS and Onboarding modules. The system is easy to use – everything makes sense. We have eliminated paper from the onboarding process and have quicker turnaround for our new hires from beginning to end.

    Matthew Green

    Austin Materials

  • Being so busy running the day-to-day operations of my business, I was looking for a recruiting solution that could provide a turn-key recruiting process at an affordable price. From the applicant tracking system to the excellent service that my project manager provided, BirdDogHR delivered! I would recommend them to any company looking for a recruiting solution to fill their employment needs.

    Tracy Wilcox

    Taft Engineering

  • At S.E.T., Inc., we have several positions posted and noticed that we get a lot of exposure through the different job distributions and websites where our positions are sent! This allows us to have a multitude of applicants from all over the country to choose from. The system tracks each applicant, and once they apply to our positions, we are notified via email. We can create notes about every applicant we see within the system and score them according to our hiring needs! We can have multiple users within our organization that can log into the system and view notes on each applicant before we make a hiring decision. It’s a very easy system to use, and helpful for our company – we really enjoy working with the BirdDogHR software!

    Bobbie Jo Feorone

    S.E.T., Inc.

  • I would highly recommend the FasTrack process. We were very happy with our FasTrack coordinator and got a good pool of candidates that we wouldn’t have otherwise received. We would use them again and recommend them to others!

    John Willey

    Peninsula Oil & Propane

  • I am completely satisfied with the results of our FasTrack. It significantly sped up the recruitment process for hard-to-find positions and we were able to identify some great candidates. The support of our Recruiting Specialist allowed me to focus on other priorities yet accomplish my hiring goals. The FasTrack service is a valuable tool, especially when used repeatedly.

    Ed Spooner


  • The BirdDogHR software and services have provided our company with the state of the art, cutting edge recruitment solution we needed. The result: a 24/7 job and application process that allows candidates to engage us when they are interested, helps us manage our interview workflow process and gives us the image we require. Ultimately, we've found more and better candidates by using the BirdDogHR software than any past resources we've tried.

    Harold Petit, Jr.

    Johnstone Supply - New Orleans

  • The BirdDogHR software has been very helpful and easy for us to use. The software is advanced and sophisticated. We have hired applicants using the BirdDogHR software in the past, and look forward to having the software assist us in finding more qualified candidates for our future hiring needs!

    Angela Reid

    US Engineering

  • The BirdDogHR ATS has been extremely helpful when recruiting has been very challenging. The BirdDogHR ATS software is easy to use and has helped improve our recruiting efficiency. Integrating the BirdDogHR ATS with Wonderlic pre-hire assessments speeds up the application time for the candidate, helps us quickly identify top candidates and shortens time to hire.

    Dave Johnson

    Allen Service Inc

  • A growing business leaves little time for the necessary recruiting. The BirdDogHR FasTrack provided several qualified candidates, saving the time of recruiting but giving us the talent needed to meet demand.

    Mark Hanson

    Central States Roofing

  • The BirdDogHR software is great, but the true value we receive is provided through the support team. They have the industry knowledge, are accessible and extremely easy to work with. If I have questions or just need to bounce an idea off someone, they are always there with relevant ideas in a timely manner. That is the differentiator for BirdDogHR software and solutions.

    Loren Kushner

    Johnstone Supply - Farmingdale, NY

  • I am happy with BirdDogHR and the software and services that they provide. EEO tracking is important to our organization and the BirdDogHR ATS makes that reporting quick and easy to access.

    Kathy Somers

    AM Cohron & Sons, Inc.

  • Our experiences with BirdDogHR have been outstanding. Throughout our numerous implementations with them, BirdDogHR consistently delivered amazing expertise and support. Their team’s exceptional knowledge base, intuitive product and exclusive exposure to job seekers in our market have helped us transform our recruiting challenges into recruiting successes.

    Tom Morang

    The Service Coach

  • We really enjoy the flexibility that the BirdDogHR ATS provides. Recently we needed to change our focus mid-stream on recruitment for a key position. We were able to use the ATS to look at the same candidate pool from a completely new angle—and do so very quickly. We are very happy with the results and the whole process of working with BirdDogHR.

    Mike Snyder

    H.B. McClure Company

  • The BirdDogHR ATS has helped our organization streamline our hiring process. Previously we were using print ads and online services like CareerBuilder or Monster. Those sources were expensive and didn’t deliver the candidates we needed. With the BirdDogHR ATS our job distribution is significantly improved, much more dynamic and we are able to reach more candidates with just a few clicks. We are now getting more candidates in less time than ever before. I also save time by managing the entire recruitment process in one central location.

    Mike Kuske

    Aqua Plumbing & Air Services, Inc.

  • Using the BirdDogHR ATS makes recruiting and hiring quick and easy. The robust job distribution and a simple apply process result in significantly more applications—even for the hard to fill positions. Having all the documentation in one place saves us time and speeds up our ability to hire the top talent we need to grow our business.

    Karen DeLange, SPHR

    Alternative HRD

  • The BirdDogHR system is a one stop shop for all our recruiting needs. Our job advertisements seem to be reaching further than ever before resulting in more qualified applicants. The BirdDogHR system also makes it easy to maintain compliance with government regulations. The team at BirdDogHR has been great to work with and has always been responsive.

    Jeff Baldeshwiler

    Kraemer North America

  • We chose BirdDogHR because it was the only company to offer a complete recruitment and applicant tracking solution. We had many companies soliciting our business however BirdDogHR was the only one that fully understood the needs to collect the EEO data required for federal contractors and do it with a realistic price. In addition its customer service was excellent during our implementation and beyond.