HTH Companies, Inc.

HTH Companies, Inc.

HTH Companies, Inc., headquartered in Union, Missouri, provides construction services to commercial and industrial customers throughout the midwest and surrounding states. Before implementing the BirdDogHR talent management suite in 2017, manual processes were both time-consuming and expensive.

HTH Companies Reduces Hiring Cost and Centralizes Employee Retention

The Challenges

  • Decrease costs associated with individual job boards
  • Streamline recruiting processes across 14 states
  • Receive complete and accurate candidate information
  • Integrate multiple HR functions into one system
  • Automate onboarding and performance evaluations

The Results

  • Recruiters are equipped with complete candidate profiles and can narrow down top candidates faster
  • Improved quality of applicants through the use of scoring questions
  • Created a LinkedIn Recruiting account that feeds into the BirdDogHR ATS
  • Moved from paper to mobile-friendly onboarding and performance evaluations

Incomplete and Costly Applications from Leading Job Boards

Before implementing BirdDogHR, the applications they received through Indeed and other job boards were incomplete. Recruiters were becoming frustrated with the lack of information for the cost. “We weren’t getting the information we requested for any applicants previously because the job boards would parse that out. Previous job duties weren’t even listed in the applications we received from Indeed,” said Cynthia Rice, Career Coordinator at HTH Companies, Inc. “It was especially frustrating because we had a pay-per-click contract, so it was becoming very expensive and we weren’t getting much value for our money.”

A Better Hiring Experience

HTH Companies now uses the BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to distribute jobs around the 14 states they serve with one click. The customized screening and scoring questions help HTH Companies, Inc. hire for a wide variety of competencies for positions ranging from general laborers to confined space rescue technicians.

“We evaluated three vendors. When we found BirdDogHR and all that the system offered, it really fit what we needed,” Rice said. The HTH recruiting team enjoys the ease of use and the time they save on pre-screening candidates that are unqualified. “If we have a job that requires OSHA 10 and they indicate they don’t have experience with it, they automatically go into the “Not Selected” bucket. It’s handy and much faster than calling to conduct a pre-screen.”

A Unified System for the Future

In addition to the ATS, HTH Companies uses the BirdDogHR Onboarding, Performance and Succession modules to automate other necessary back-office processes. With locations in multiple states, using a unified system keeps the entire workforce on the same page. Employees only need one login to access their data, and HTH Companies benefits by keeping all of their data in one central location.