Bardi Heating and Air


Bardi Heating and Air is a privately owned Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company located in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 1989 by Alex and Susan Bardi, the company has been providing the Atlanta area with quality HVAC services for almost 25 years. Bardi is home to an experienced management team, as well as an outstanding team of NATE certified technicians, whose number one priority is to keep their customers satisfied by “always, always, always doing the right thing.”

Bardi Talent Acquisition Strategy Powers Company Growth

The Challenges

  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Staff to meet rapid company growth
  • Implement a recruiting process to uncover top talent
  • Build a talent pool to avoid a “panic hire”

The Results

  • In 12 months, efficiently doubled company staff
  • Over 12 months, increased employee retention by 25%
  • Created a top notch talent community
  • Shortened time to fill positions by 45%
  • Ranked Top Workplace 3 years in a Row by Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Named #1 in Customer Service by BBB 2 Years in a Row
  • Awarded 2013 Business of the Year by Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

Growing a Business with the Best Talent

At Bardi Heating and Air, the organization knew they had made recruiting mistakes. They had made a panic hire and selected the first warm body that walked through the door, selected the best of a few bad candidates (which still left them with a bad hire), and they also quickly hired the “perfect” candidate, only to find out during onboarding that he wasn’t so perfect after all. With turnover getting out of control, Bardi’s Residential General Manager was presented with an even larger challenge: staffing for growth that would double the size of the company. He knew he needed more candidates in his pipeline and he needed to recruit and hire better quality employees. He set out to create a sustainable recruiting strategy, overhaul his job posting process, and improve his interview method.

Moving from a Panic Hire to a Talent Strategy

The Bardi team implemented BirdDogHR’s cloud-based recruitment and applicant tracking solution (ATS). BirdDogHR helped Bardi create a new career page on their website that acts as the central hub for all recruiting activities. BirdDogHR also helps Bardi get their jobs posted to HVAC niche specific forums and websites as well as posted to social media including LinkedIn. After applicants are directed back to the career page, Bardi responds with thank you letters and builds a bench of candidates for future opportunities. This process allows Bardi to maintain a consistent recruiting strategy and build their talent pool even when they don’t have an open position.

Another important component of the Bardi recruiting and hiring process is their proprietary fourstep interviewing process. Consisting of a phone interview, initial skill assessment (powered by BirdDogHR hiring assessment partner Wonderlic), two face to face interviews and ending with a candidate presentation, Bardi has been able to identify candidates that are the best fit for their culture and uncover the top talent they need to support their growing business.

Top Talent Brings Momentum and Accolades

Bardi boasts amazing company growth and results that have been powered by the changes in their talent acquisition strategy. In the last twelve months they have doubled the size of their organization and also improved their employee retention rate by 25%. Transforming their panic hire reaction into an ongoing, organized talent acquisition strategy has also resulted in a better applicant pool to pull from. Today Bardi finds that the great candidates are actually seeking them out because they have become an employer of choice. Accolades continue to come for Bardi, as they were ranked the Top Workplace 3 years in a row by Atlanta Journal Constitution, ranked #1 in customer service by the Better Business Bureau, and the #1 Business of the year by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.