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    BirdDogHR Technology Industry Expertise

    Centralize and automate employee data at each stage of development with the BirdDogHR Talent Management System.

  • Integrated, On-Demand Talent Management for Technology Companies

    Technology companies move fast — and so do your talent management needs. In an industry subject to relentless pressure and consistent ambiguity, it can be difficult to maintain your corporate culture and the cutting-edge performance you expect from your workforce. But with years of rich experience in this field, BirdDogHR can help.

    Recruiting and Hiring

    With the BirdDogHR ATS, you are easily able to:

    • Expand job ad reach with the industry’s only native job distribution
    • Promote your company brand and build a dynamic community of candidates
    • Connect with top candidates quickly with screening and scoring questions

    Learn More About Recruitment and ATS

    The employee experience starts with recruiting and hiring. If you aren’t promoting your employer brand, reaching the right people, or making it easy for your ideal candidates to apply, you need to improve your processes.

    With the BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we can help you become more efficient in your workforce recruitment. Our HR software can make your organization more adaptive to the changing talent acquisition requirements within the technology industry.


    BirdDogHR onboarding software helps to:

    • Streamline and automate cumbersome new hire paperwork
    • E-Verify new hires
    • Access current federal and state forms online
    • Eliminate data input errors and integrate data with your payroll system

    Learn More About Onboarding

    The last thing you want to do with new hires is to bore them with HR paperwork. The sooner you can move them through this process and into training, the sooner they can become productive and engaged employees at your technology company.

    Our employee onboarding software  allows your new team members to fill in and submit their paperwork online, via a computer or mobile device, for total convenience. They can even complete the documentation prior to their first day at work, depending on your company policy. What’s more, BirdDogHR Onboarding ensures a consistent and compliant process for all new hires.

    Performance Management and Goal Alignment

    With performance management software, managers can:

    • Automate and centralize reviews for consistency and efficiency
    • Align employee and company goals
    • Configure review frequency and touchpoints
    • Assess performance by project

    Learn More About Performance

    As a technology company, you may be rethinking the way you handle performance management. With many of your employees working in an agile world, manual annual performance reviews may not be the best fit for them.

    By combining frequent feedback with an annual review and making everything available online, we not only offer increased transparency, but also satisfy the collaborative nature of the technology industry. You get timely insights into employee performance, while your employee is frequently engaged with their goals to keep them on the path to success at your company. BirdDogHR Performance Management has the flexibility to handle communication and documentation on any device and at a frequency that works for your needs.

    Employee Training

    Training and development with the LMS allows you to:

    • Deliver learning content anytime and anywhere
    • Align training with performance goals and metrics
    • Track training completion and certifications
    • Search the course catalog for on-demand training

    Learn More About Learning

    Online learning programs are both essential and highly suitable for boosting employee knowledge in the technology industry, but systems that are bloated with functionality simply won’t serve your mobile workforce. Fortunately, we have created a simple solution with collaboration in mind.

    The BirdDogHR Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed to help you meet all of your technology company’s learning goals more easily. Using our mobile-friendly software, you can deliver training when, where, and how it’s needed. Manage training for compliance and certifications automatically, distribute the required content, and receive course completion reports — the system can even be integrated with other HR systems.

    Career Planning and Succession Management

    BirdDogHR succession management software can:

    • Identify employee strengths and weaknesses across the workforce
    • Use 9 Box to identify high potential employees
    • Create career plans based on job competencies

    Learn More About Succession

    The technology industry may thrive on innovation, but it’s not a solid talent management strategy to focus on innovation alone. Without leadership, management skills, business continuity planning, and succession planning, you could be putting your technology company at risk.

    BirdDogHR Succession can help you turn informal and formal feedback into career and succession management. Using data fed from BirdDogHR Performance, you can compare employee strengths and weaknesses across the entire workforce. As well as allowing you to identify high potential, our succession planning software helps you pinpoint knowledge gaps, so you can provide the training programs required. Not only that, but you can ensure that all positions have a successor who will be ready to take the next step when the time comes.