BirdDogHR Core Industries

Hard-working talent management

Hard-working industries require hard-working talent management software and services that are straightforward and easy to use. The BirdDogHR™ sales, product and customer support teams have extensive experience in working with companies in the construction, engineering and federal contracting markets. We understand your challenges and we know how to help.


Born out of job boards for construction and the skilled trades, BirdDogHR has hundreds of construction company customers and is an affinity program provider for the AGC of America.

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  • Construction team at job site
  • Federal Contractor and AAP Plan Reporting

    Federal contractors and businesses implementing affirmative action plans (AAP) can be held to equal employment opportunity standards and other requirements specific to contractors. BirdDogHR has focused on industries that are traditionally federal contractors for decades and stays ahead of the Department of Labor requirements as they relate to recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning management and succession planning with functionality and reporting that will help you be prepared in case of an audit.

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  • Financial Services

    Companies within the Financial Services industry utilize employees as key tools to earn new customers and cultivate revenue. The BirdDogHR software helps financial institutions retain top performers and assemble the best teams to make their products and customer service key differentiators.

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  • Talent Management for Financial Services
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing companies put an emphasis on training programs and performance feedback to ensure employee safety and production efficiency. BirdDogHR supports manufacturing companies’ risk management and workforce development strategies by providing streamlined, integrated alternatives to unproductive, traditional pre-hire and post-hire practices.

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  • Technology

    Streamlined, full-featured and easy to use. No sector values these attributes more than the Technology industry and that is what you get with BirdDogHR. Reaching qualified candidates and developing employee career paths to drive company success is simple with the BirdDogHR Talent Management System. Technology organizations need an automated recruitment process to build a skillful team and user-friendly performance reviews to evaluate workforce performance.

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  • Engineering

    Efficiency improvement and waste reduction are crucial in Engineering. But organizations can’t be at their best if their own worker productivity isn’t streamlined. BirdDogHR serves hundreds of engineering companies to help them build and develop the best teams.

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  • BirdDogHR also specializes in the recruitment and retention needs of companies in the Energy and Supply Chain Management industries.