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We believe that providing a rich work environment is critical to the success of our employees. It leads to greater engagement with our clients, increased development of our staff, a culture of innovation and a more enjoyable work environment for everyone. Each member of our team plays a vital role in the success of our organization and we try to reward each employee accordingly.

Current Openings

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  • Work Environment – A friendly, engaging environment of open communications and idea sharing.
  • Personal Growth – The BirdDogHR leadership team is dedicated to every employee’s personal growth. Whether it's learning a new skill, challenging them to innovate or becoming a better leader, our employees are coached to become the best they can be.
  • Collaboration – We believe we operate best as a team. Our organizational structure is flat. We trust each team member to contribute to our success.
  • Transparency – To function as a truly successful team we foster a culture of transparency. Want to know what’s going on? Just ask your manager and he or she will fill you in, or you can wait until the next quarterly company lunch meeting.
  • Training – Every employee needs (and wants) to understand what we do. We provide a full training and onboarding plan with periodic learning sessions companywide. In many cases, employees are cross trained in more than one role. This supports the company needs as well as the growth needs of the individual.
  • Family – As a small business we have the luxury to enjoy a close knit environment. We frequently gather together for lunch or during other team-building activities.
  • Benefits – We offer all the benefits you would expect, such as a competitive compensation plan, 401(k) with company match, Life/Health/Disability, Holidays and PTO and a cafeteria plan.
  • The Des Moines Register 2018 Top Iowa Workplaces
  • The Des Moines Register 2018 Top Iowa Workplaces
  • 2017 Top Employee Engagement
  • The Des Moines Register 2016 Top Iowa Workplaces
  • The Des Moines Register 2015 Top Iowa Workplaces

Community Commitment

At BirdDogHR we not only help companies build strong workforces, we help build a strong community. Day to day, we focus on our people helping people professionally and locally. We’re fortunate to have the ability to empower not only our employees but employees across the nation while making an impact in our own community including organizations such as:

  • Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa Embrace a Family Donor Program — We sponsored several families with young children and donated toys, clothes and requested items, bringing these families joy and peace of mind during the holiday season.
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
    Ronald McDonald House — We provide charitable support to our local Iowa chapter, going towards enriching the quality of life for children and their families.
  • Des Moines Public LIbrary
    Des Moines East Side Library — We volunteer with the annual book sale, sorting, moving and displaying books for their largest fundraiser of the year.
  • Living History Farms
    Living History Farms — We volunteer to help prepare their facilities for summer whether it's yard work, building or cleaning, our people are here to help.
  • Home Base Iowa
    BirdDogHR is proud to focus on recruiting veterans and active duty service members through a partnership with Home Base Iowa.

Dogs of BirdDogHR

Have a heart for pets? We do too. Check out our best friends below.

  • Coco Chanel
    Meet Coco Chanel, loved by Cassandra in Account Management. She loves squeaky toys, greets us enthusiastically every day and knows when we need a snuggle.
  • Sophie & Charly
    Meet Sophie and Charly, loved by Marissa in Implementation. They are both beagles, both ornery, but the sweetest dogs ever.
  • Bruno & Beau
    Meet Bruno and Beau, loved by Ethan in Sales. Bruno can destroy any toy you give him and likes to cuddle with his mom. He’s a gentle giant weighing in at 92 pounds. Beau loves to be outside, greet people at the door with a big hug and cuddle with her dad.
  • Winnie
    Meet Winifred “Winnie” Brower, loved by Nate in Sales. Winnie is a Boston Terrier who likes chasing tennis balls and sleeping inside her dad’s pillow case.
  • Chewy & Han
    Meet Chewy and Han, loved by Erin in Marketing. Chewy and Han are best friends who love walks, cuddles and are always at Erin’s side or by her feet whether she likes it or not!
  • Burke
    Meet Burke, loved by Corey in Sales. Burke loves to chase rabbits, cuddle with his mom and dad and eat as much peanut butter as he possibly can. He looks forward to getting “coffee” every Sunday with his parents.
  • Georgia
    Meet Georgia, loved by Brandon in Account Management. She is the most fun loving and rambunctious Teddy Bear there is. She wants to be friends with anyone and everyone, and loves chasing cars, rabbits and squirrels. She loves bringing her parents prized sticks she finds on walks.
  • Ada
    Ada is loved by Sharon in Sales. She loves popcorn, walks and sleeping on her back with all four paws in the air.
  • Wrigley Ivy
    Meet Wrigley Ivy, loved by Michelle in Operations. Wrigley Ivy single-handedly broke the “Curse of the Billy Goat” and led the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series!
  • Hogan
    Hogan is loved by Jon in Quality Assurance. He is the most loyal boy in town, but may love food a tiny bit more than his family.
  • Leo
    Meet Leo, loved by Alison in Quality Assurance. Leo is the neighborhood watch dog, but still loves cuddling with his stuffed animals and humans. He has an aversion to fresh vegetables and vigorous physical activity.
  • Zelda, Raja and Gabby
    Zelda, Raja and Gabby, nicknamed the “Ranch Hands,” just found out they’re getting a new baby human. Congratulations to Bernie in Product Development!
  • Georgia
    Meet Georgia, loved by Cindy in Account Management. Georgia is a 120 pound bloodhound that thinks she’s a lap dog! She is full of love, enjoys playing with her hedgehog toys, going on walks and will do anything for a treat.
  • Hank and Lucie
    Meet Hank and Lucie, loved by Jen in Implementation. Hank and Lucie like going to the beach with their mom, and have two little brothers; one is a cat and the other is a teacup pig!
  • Willie and Seymour
    Meet Willie and Seymour, loved by Jen in Implementation. Willie is a teacup pig, who needs his older brother Seymour to lay down the law.
  • Harley and Cy
    Meet Harley and Cy, loved by Ann in Marketing. Harley makes friends with all creatures large and small. Cy loves to sleep in the sunshine.
  • Reece
    Meet Reece, loved by Margaret in Marketing. Reece loves snuggling under blankets and curling up into a tiny ball. His favorite pastime is figuring out how to be friends with his new kitty brother Harry.
  • Bray
    Meet Bray, loved by Ryan in Human Resources. She is named after a town in Ireland, and is a big Notre Dame fan!
  • Scooter of Kings Valley
    Meet Scooter of Kings Valley. Scooter is a true bird dog who loves helping his dad, Duane in Sales, in the field.
  • Blakely
    Meet Blakely, loved by our Executive Assistant, Amber. Blakely is a Schnoodle whose favorite place to be is right next to Amber on her desk several days a week. She loves blankets, car rides, walks to the park, attending meetings at work and snuggling her four human brothers.