Talent Management

Male employee wearing flannel shirt sits across a table from his manager during a performance review.

Is the Performance Management Cycle Still Relevant?

Hiring talented employees is only half the battle. Developing employees and monitoring their performance is an ongoing and crucial process. Without a regular feedback loop , an employee may not be working up to their full potential. Not only does this leave staff frustrated, but it can lead to employee...

A construction worker standing in his job site and smiling.

4 Ways to Make Sure Subcontractors Are Valued as Part of the Team

Subcontractors play a very important role in the timely completion of construction projects, and their specialized skills are in high demand. In fact, contingent and contractor workers now make up a reported 40.4% of the U.S. workforce across all industries.

To accommodate this growth, construction managers must use strategies...

A happy couple taking a selfie in their office

Onboarding and Engagement: HR’s Favorite Power Couple

It’s no secret by now that a new hire’s first days on the job are crucial for their career at their new company. The onboarding process gives them time to learn the ins and outs of an organization and understand their role within the company. The company culture and commitment...

Female electronic engineer holding a CPU in her hand

How To Address 4 Common STEM Workforce Challenges

HR is challenging at the best of times, but HR professionals within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries face unique challenges. In particular, it can be difficult to find skilled, diverse employees, retain them, and then plan for their succession.

Luckily, HR professionals in STEM don’t have...

Woman working at her desk

Talent Management Resolutions for 2018

Talent management is a tricky business practice to master, simply because it looks different for every company, based on its unique needs, employees and culture. While there are many ways to manage talent well, there are a few key elements that are seen across all industries that will help make...

2018 New Year's office party

Three Simple Resolutions for Your Business

Many New Year’s resolutions often revolve around losing weight or being healthier. All of these things tend to be isolated to the personal aspects of life, but many concepts can definitely be applied to your business. 2018 is the year to streamline your business practices and create an efficient environment...