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A construction worker wearing a protective safety harness walks to the job site.

3 Tips to Keep Your Employees Safe

Now that Construction Safety Week is in full swing, the team at BirdDogHR wants to thank you for your efforts to keep your teams safe, especially as the busy season starts to fill the calendars. While we know there are many things that contribute to employee safety, there are three...

Man standing in a desert holding a laptop while a biplane approaches in the background

Remove the Remote Employee Flight Risk

Global commerce, means of communication and travel make it easier for companies to expand into new markets, bringing a surge of non-traditional types of employment. Many companies with multiple territories opt to hire remote employees to represent their business. Making the correct hiring decision can eliminate risk on the front-end,...

Disengaged employee resting head on desk

Are You Contributing to Low Morale?

At BirdDogHR we often contribute to third party websites to share our wisdom about workforce trends in the construction industry. Read our blog post, Are You Contributing to Low Morale? on the Construction Business Owner blog to learn more about engagement strategies that improve company morale. This blog post was written by Chris Lennon, our VP of Product management. Lennon has over 18 years of experience in talent management and has been quoted as an industry expert in Talent Management magazine, CLO Magazine, HR Bartender and more.

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A group of diverse employees standing in line.

How to Support a Diverse Workforce

We recently contributed an article titled How to Support a Diverse Workforce on HRZone. In this article, we explore why engaging diverse groups of employees is not only great for employees, but great for the bottom dollar. Visit HRZone to learn how to engage each diverse group within your organization.

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Female electronic engineer holding a CPU in her hand

How To Address 4 Common STEM Workforce Challenges

HR is challenging at the best of times, but HR professionals within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries face unique challenges. In particular, it can be difficult to find skilled, diverse employees, retain them, and then plan for their succession.

Luckily, HR professionals in STEM don’t have...

HR manager shaking hands with new employee

Hiring Rates Soar in 2017 Compared to 2016: How to Capitalize on that Growth

A report from LinkedIn in late Q4 showed that hiring stayed consistently strong in 2017 from 2016 — by over 10 percent. With intense hiring, especially in automotive, manufacturing (15.7 percent), oil and energy (30 percent), it’s important to invest in hiring practices that help companies maintain that trajectory...

Happy businesswoman with bag and exercise mat

Kick Off the New Year with a Healthy Workforce

One of the biggest New Year’s Resolutions for individuals revolves around wellness. 21% of all Americans each year resolve to lose weight. The problem with this resolution is that it doesn’t look at overall wellness. The same is true when developing a workplace wellness plan. BirdDogHR wants to offer tangible...