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3 Quick Tips for Transitioning Employees

Employee turnover is a natural part of a company’s lifecycle. Employees are hired, they work, and they retire, leaving open positions that cannot be easily filled by hiring brand new talent. Hiring that way drains company time and resources, due to exorbitant hiring and training costs, and even then, the...

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How to Improve Retention Rates at Your Company

If your staff seems like a revolving door, you’ve got a problem: replacing staff is incredibly expensive. The cost of replacing one employee can be as high as five times the employee’s annual salary.

As the unemployment rate drops — some sources say it is the lowest it has...

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Remove the Remote Employee Flight Risk

Global commerce, means of communication and travel make it easier for companies to expand into new markets, bringing a surge of non-traditional types of employment. Many companies with multiple territories opt to hire remote employees to represent their business. Making the correct hiring decision can eliminate risk on the front-end,...

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Are You Contributing to Low Morale?

At BirdDogHR we often contribute to third party websites to share our wisdom about workforce trends in the construction industry. Read our blog post, Are You Contributing to Low Morale? on the Construction Business Owner blog to learn more about engagement strategies that improve company morale. This blog post was written by Chris Lennon, our VP of Product management. Lennon has over 18 years of experience in talent management and has been quoted as an industry expert in Talent Management magazine, CLO Magazine, HR Bartender and more.

Read More at Construction Business Owner
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You Need To Test Your Employee Engagement Program. Here’s Why.

BirdDogHR contributed an article on entitled You Need to Test Your Employee Engagement Program. Here’s Why. In this article, VP of Product, Chris Lennon, explores why HR teams need evidence-based employee engagement programs, the top-rated testing methods and how to get started. We also answered the questions: "Who should be included in employee engagement testing?" and "What should companies do with the information they gather in the testing?"

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The Business Value of Exit Interviews

The exit interview has long been a complicated element of human resources. When an employee chooses to leave the company, many employers want to know why they left, but often don’t know how to ask those questions in a way that results in honest, usable feedback. Soon-to-be-former employees can feel...