Male employee wearing flannel shirt sits across a table from his manager during a performance review.

Is the Performance Management Cycle Still Relevant?

Hiring talented employees is only half the battle. Developing employees and monitoring their performance is an ongoing and crucial process. Without a regular feedback loop , an employee may not be working up to their full potential. Not only does this leave staff frustrated, but it can lead to employee...

A young female employee smiles while meeting with her manager.

The Case for Frequent One-on-Ones

While many companies are familiar with traditional annual performance reviews, the topic of performance management has expanded greatly over the last decade. In today’s candidate driven job market, engaging employees is vital for retention, and investing time into performance management helps employees feel more invested in their jobs. As the...

Hand filling out a paper employee performance evaluation form

6 Steps to a More Effective Performance Management Program

BirdDogHR recently contributed an article titled "6 Steps to a More Effective Performance Management Program" on TLNT. This article explores how companies can audit their current performance management processes and transition into a more streamlined process that promotes employee engagement and retention.

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Female employee working at her desk with a large alarm clock

Is Fast Work More Productive Work?

When looking at performance, it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers. Did an employee meet quotas for number of calls? Did they meet the monthly requirement for units produced? Or are they falling behind when looking at the given units of performance measurement? While fast work...

A young female supervisor meeting with her employee.

Reviews Are Done and Change Needs to Happen — Here’s How to Do It

2017 is behind us and annual reviews are done. A common outcome of yearly performance reviews are performance improvement plans (PIPs) — a formalized plan to improve the performance of employees with performance issues. PIPs can be an outstanding tool for improving performance and when executed correctly, PIPs can bring...

Employees working in a busy office

Encouraging Performance Management with a Busy Team

If your team is busy and accomplishing its goals, the last thing you want to do is disrupt that flow for a performance review meeting. But, if you put off performance reviews long enough you may find that your next meeting is triple the length, and your team member has...