Employee Engagement

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4 Ways to Make Sure Subcontractors Are Valued as Part of the Team

Subcontractors play a very important role in the timely completion of construction projects, and their specialized skills are in high demand. In fact, contingent and contractor workers now make up a reported 40.4% of the U.S. workforce across all industries.

To accommodate this growth, construction managers must use strategies...

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The Case for Frequent One-on-Ones

While many companies are familiar with traditional annual performance reviews, the topic of performance management has expanded greatly over the last decade. In today’s candidate driven job market, engaging employees is vital for retention, and investing time into performance management helps employees feel more invested in their jobs. As the...

A young woman traces a route on a map using a red pencil.

Why Employees Choose Companies That Offer Career Mapping

A career map represents a clear route for a staff member’s professional growth during their time with your company. Also called a “career path,” this map can outline certifications an employee needs for your company to stay compliant, skills the team member is interested in developing for their career, and...

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How Employee Engagement And Diversity Are Tied Together

BirdDogHR contributed an article on CEOWORLD Magazine entitled "How Employee Engagement and Diversity Are Tied Together." In this article, we explored diversity, inclusion and how they tie into employee engagement. Read the full article to learn how diversity and inclusion affects a company's bottom line and ways companies can incorporate diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Anti-Harassment Training that Actually Engages Employees

Hearing the words, “anti-harassment training,” can inspire a collective cringe and eye roll from employees. While these trainings are necessary to promote workplace awareness and safety, it’s not surprising that very few employees are excited to sit through mandatory sessions. Many employers view these trainings as a necessary burden, but...

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Onboarding and Engagement: HR’s Favorite Power Couple

It’s no secret by now that a new hire’s first days on the job are crucial for their career at their new company. The onboarding process gives them time to learn the ins and outs of an organization and understand their role within the company. The company culture and commitment...