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The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry: What You Need to Know

Though many were already aware, a White House declaration in late October highlighted that the opioid addiction epidemic is a public health crisis. While the visibility of the issue is helpful, it is also important to note which industries are hit hardest by substance abuse, how to manage a realistic...

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A Safe Work Environment Starts with a Complete Candidate Profile

Creating a safe work environment for all employees can significantly increase retention. When employees feel safe and trusted, they’ll want to invest themselves into the organization and watch it become successful. Creating a safe and trusting work environment starts before the candidate is even hired. It’s important to have a...

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The "Sorry I Can’t Go" Dilemma

By Tommy Eden

Lorenzo Cook applied for an associate position at the Kmart store located in Hyattsville, Maryland. Following an interview he was offered the position of customer service associate. During his appointment to fill out his new hire paperwork and take a mandatory drug screen, Cook...