Jamie Edelen, Becky Robinson and Diana Hume

Celebrating Women in Construction Week: Part II

Welcome to Women in Construction Week: Part 2! Learn more about the projects, initiatives and technologies these three women have implemented within their company and communities.

Jamie Edelen

HR Generalist, Manatt’s Inc.

For 13 years, Jamie has contributed her talents to Manatt’s and...

Lauren Cramer, Rebecca Battle-Bryant and Christa Davenport

Celebrating Women in Construction Week: Part I

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) announced March 4-10 is Women in Construction Week. We are so thankful to work with so many amazing construction companies that empower women to be the best they can be. Women are such a valuable asset to any company, as they provide insight...

Two contractors discussing building plans at a job site

Managing Subcontractors: Four Tips and Tricks

After you’ve worked with a few subcontractors, you know how much the experience can vary. On one end of the spectrum are the problems, where a subcontractor’s work doesn’t come close to the quality you expect. On the other end of the spectrum are the subcontractors who are a dream...

Construction contractors planning an environmentally friendly, green worksite.

It’s Easy Being Green: Small Changes for Greener Contracting

In recent years, green construction has become a popular option as consumers and businesses alike become more and more aware of the needs of the planet. While it may not be realistic to change all of a company’s business practices overnight, it’s possible to make several small changes and still...

Female HR manager wearing a suit and construction helmet

Training a New HR Member to Work in Construction

Working in the HR department of a construction company is a different ball game, even for experts who have spent years in HR roles. As a construction manager, you know best the importance of equipping new team members with the information and skills they need to succeed — and onboarding...

Photo of prescription opioid painkiller pills neatly arranged in rows

The Opioid Crisis and the Construction Industry: What You Need to Know

Though many were already aware, a White House declaration in late October highlighted that the opioid addiction epidemic is a public health crisis. While the visibility of the issue is helpful, it is also important to note which industries are hit hardest by substance abuse, how to manage a realistic...

Worker at construction site in winter

Cold Hands, Warm Heart? Avoid Winter Safety Issues

The colder months of the year come with their own safety concerns in the construction industry. Now that the warmest months of the year have passed along with a heightened risk of heat-related safety concerns, many feel as though the majority of their health risks have passed. This is a...

Adult with group of teenagers in professional construction training

How to Attract Students to Your Construction Company

The labor shortage in the construction industry means companies have to be smarter and more creative with how they engage in-demand skilled workers. One tactic we recommend for all construction companies is to look towards younger generations — high school and college level students who may be interested in construction...