BirdDogHR Expands Job Distribution via Glassdoor Alignment with Google Jobs

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BirdDogHR has a long and rich history of partnering with Glassdoor for native job distribution via the BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This summer Glassdoor announced its partnership with Google in launch of Google’s Job Search feature allowing people to quickly access millions of job listing including those on Glassdoor, along with company ratings to help them make the important decision of where to work. Because of this partnership, jobs posted via the BirdDogHR ATS are accessible via Google Jobs too.

BirdDogHR has a very unique relationship with Glassdoor in comparison to other ATS offerings on the market. BirdDogHR has a direct integration with Glassdoor whereas most of our competitor’s integrations are through a third party.

Glassdoor is now the second largest job site in the country, welcoming an average of 45 million unique users each month. The millions of job listings available on Glassdoor are a powerful combination with the unique first-hand reviews and insights into a company that creates a job search experience that’s preferred by job seekers. In fact, in a recent test, Glassdoor’s job search experience is preferred over other leading job sites.

Glassdoor expects by partnering with Google they can also help employers get their job openings in front of a wider audience of active job seekers and deliver more informed candidates — the people who are well-researched and engaged with a company. Furthermore, informed candidates who apply through Glassdoor are twice as likely to be hired than those who apply through other job sites.

For more information, see Glassdoor's announcement about their partnership with Google Jobs.