On the Same Page: Why You Should Communicate with Your Hiring Manager When Recruiting

Woman meets with coworker at her desk

Although both HR managers and hiring managers are working toward the same goal of filling a position within the organization, they can oftentimes be on two different pages if there is no line of communication. Whereas HR managers are able to tell whether or not the candidate will be a good fit for the organization, the hiring manager has a better understanding of how the candidate will perform in the available position. The importance of communication between the two powers should not be understated. Speed up the recruiting and hiring process by working with your hiring manager to better understand the role being filled and the type of talent you should be on the lookout for.

Here’s why you need to be communicating with the position’s hiring manager when searching for qualified talent:

It eliminates any disconnect. Leave little room for confusion or misunderstandings. Agree and establish a timeline for filling the position. Having a clear goal in mind will be of immense help during the recruiting/hiring process.

The candidate will be set up for success. If you’re communicating with the position’s hiring manager, you can express any concerns that the candidate has and relay any information from the hiring manager that they may have forgotten, allowing the candidate to be better prepared for their new position.

It speeds up the hiring process. As you become busy, informing your hiring manager to take the reins will allow for the hiring process to move forward instead of standing still. Additionally, if your company’s current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) isn’t cutting it when it comes to recruiting and onboarding efficiently, communicating with your hiring manager that a newer, better ATS is needed, will help to fill the position faster.

It ensures top talent. Qualified candidates will be more apt to apply for a position that they know they’re qualified for. Hiring managers who inform HR managers of what kinds of skills they’re looking for in a potential employee are ensuring that their open position is filled with a knowledgeable and skilled individual.

Top talent won’t wait forever. Avoid having top talent candidates accept a position at a competing company by communicating that to your hiring manager. As recruiting and hiring tools have evolved, so should your team. With recruiting software becoming mobile-friendly and fast-moving, hiring managers should be aware of how fast a quality candidate opportunity can vanish.

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