How to Create a Fluid Onboarding Process

Welcoming a new employee

Beyond increasing employee satisfaction and retention, the role of onboarding is to provide a newly-hired employee with the tools he or she needs to be successful in his or her position. To welcome and smoothly transition in a new hire, your company should be sure to do the following during the onboarding process:

Explain everything.

  • Every company has its own unique phrasing, acronyms and jargon. A newly-hired employee might not understand every inside joke or term, which is why, for a better transition into the workplace, it’s essential to define them.
  • It may be overlooked by some, but telling your new employee where the coffee machine and restrooms are allow for comfortability and familiarity within the workplace.
  • Take time to explain who’s who in the workplace. Describing the hierarchy of the company, and who reports to whom, eliminates confusion by allowing the employee to understand how the business operates, as well as who he/she should report to.

Create a seamless transition with software.

  • This means having some type of onboarding system in place. This reduces the amount of time a new hire will spend filling out massive amounts of paperwork and will create more time for training and learning opportunities.

Encourage questions.

  • Set up a time for questions and frequent updates. Whether that time is every day, every week or every other week, it is crucial to prevent any mistakes by thoroughly answering any and all questions or concerns within the new hire’s position.

Show company culture.

  • Share the ways in which your company interacts and let the new hire know about any socials or gatherings that help shape your company’s culture.

The onboarding process derives from the initial hire and continues over the first year of employment and is set in place to educate, train and involve the employee within the organization.

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