Retain Employees by Centralizing Best Practices with Collaboration

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Retaining new and seasoned employees not only rids you of the cost of higher, but will increase productivity in the workplace. Collaboration technology will help you do just that. This technology promotes effective communication which is one of the most important skills a person can possess. Best practices and specific information is all stored in an easy-to-access centralized system. Employees and employers can find information or collaborate with a colleague from any location whether that be the office or on vacation.  Collaboration technology has been able to reduce email volume by 30% and increase team efficiency by 15-20% (Source).

Organizations that have implemented collaborations technology have seen employees empowered to communicate with peers in an open forum while also promoting online learning. The seasoned employees can become mentors for new hires. The new hires can learn from their mentors mistakes and successes. Organizations that haven’t implemented collaboration technology have found that their employees spend around 9 hours a week search through their email or the internet for information.

Online collaboration allows experienced employees to share knowledge and also allows newer employees to provide feedback on how to improve processes. This specific information and knowledge is stored rather than lost if or when an employee leaves. The results employers have found after implementing collaboration technology is a more engaged and productive workforce with reduced turnover. When employees are empowered to collaborate, the can invest themselves in the organizations success. This encourages employees to stay with the organization longer.

The BirdDogHR Collaboration solution helps organizations retain their talent by centralizing best practices. Employees become more engaged and productive after being able to communicate openly with peers. Learn more about the BirdDogHR Collaboration solution.