Is the Future a Scary Thought? With Succession Planning, It Doesn’t Have to Be.

Woman with scared expression

The future can be a frightening thing, especially when it’s filled with doubt and uncertainty. Many times this uncertainty is just a part of life, but when it comes to the future success of an organization, it doesn’t have to be.

Succession planning should be a top priority for every company in any industry.  If you’re able to ensure organizational success, why wouldn’t you? Succession planning means that you are preparing and developing current employees for future advancement and growth opportunities within the organization. Not only does this help engage and retain your employees, but it ensures talent continuity and reduces organization risk.

Start by understanding where current skill gaps exist in your talent pool. Instead of recruiting new people, help develop current employees to overcome those obstacles. With regular feedback and learning opportunities, you can build up employees to one-day take the place of a retiring employee instead of being at a loss of talent.

Succession planning makes the daunting future a little less spooky. It prepares your organization for future success, retains and engages your current employees, and attracts all jobseekers looking to start a job where they can see future growth for themselves. According to an article from Smart CEO, 92 percent of employees felt that is was risky not to have a succession plan within their organization, yet less than 12% of company respondents have a formal process set in place.

BirdDogHR wants to help make the future less frightening. We understand that succession planning should reduce organizational risk and prepare current employees for growth. If you are looking to ensure talent continuity, check out BirdDogHR Succession. To learn more check out The Future is Brighter with Succession Planning infographic.