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BirdDogHR Succession

Build competencies to prepare for attrition

BirdDogHR™ Succession is a cloud-based solution for organizations to review employee performance and readiness with scorecards, comparative ratings and 9-Box Talent Matrices. Integrated with the BirdDogHR Talent Management Solution, Succession also leverages performance data from goals, competencies and development plans. Centralizing the data allows an organization to have a real-time view into the existing and future talent bench. 

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  • BirdDogHR Succession screenshot

Improve Employee Engagement

Preparing employees for advancement and growth opportunities keeps them invested in your organization and provides them with a career path, ultimately improving retention. Succession is vital to every company, preparing employees for advancement while also improving your workforce development.

Ensure Talent Continuity

Understanding where gaps exist in your current talent pool empowers you to develop employees to overcome those obstacles and prepare for future roles.

Reduce Organizational Risk

Visibility into current talent gaps enables you to prepare employees for the loss of specialized skill sets or domain expertise, reducing your risk of being caught unprepared.