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BirdDogHR Performance Management

Automate the employee review process

BirdDogHR™ Performance Management is a cloud-based solution that allows team members to direct their own career development toward mutually agreed upon goals and competencies while managers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the overall team. Giving your employees true accountability means the organization can be confident in its ability to compete in the ever-changing marketplace. 

  • BirdDogHR Performance screenshot
  • BirdDogHR Performance screenshot

Critical Challenge

Managing employee performance is one of the most critical challenges any organization will face. Every company needs to understand whether employees are performing well and wants to provide timely and specific developmental feedback. Performance management tracks fulfillment of goals while maintaining employee engagement.

Improve Workforce Productivity

Customized competencies allow managers to evaluate employees and encourage year-round habits. This allows the employees to create a clear career path within the organization, prepares the company for succession planning and ultimately results in higher engagement and lower employee turnover.

Centralize & Standardize Processes

Individual review forms allow managers to correlate specific forms with out of the box competencies and configure question types and layouts, standardizing the processes for each employee in a particular role. 360 feedback is provided through the software, providing consistency and saving time during performance reviews.

Align Goals with Strategy

Establishing individual goals based on corporate goals will help managers align their employee’s goals with corporate strategy. Managers also have the ability to drill down to multiple levels of goals, ensuring employees are headed in the right direction.