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Find and hire top talent

When resources are limited and you are not able to focus on the recruiting function or you are seeking candidates with specialized skill sets, the BirdDogHR™ Managed Services team is ready to help with your recruitment process outsourcing. With more than 35 years of combined experience, we have the expertise and know-how to source to hire the best candidates for your company.

Outsource Hard-to-Fill Positions

Whether your team doesn’t have time to focus on recruiting or you have a hard-to-fill specialized position, BirdDogHR has the sourcing pros to help. With decades of combined experience — we generate quality results.

Start with a Strong Foundation

Define your perfect candidate before you even get started. The BirdDogHR Managed Services team will help you create a solid job description and conduct job market and salary analysis research before the outreach even begins. This ensures you target the candidates with the best chance to become your new top performer. 

Reach Top Talent with New Job Distribution Channels

BirdDogHR Talent Scout provides cost-effective outreach to multiple online resources, including your career page, niche job boards, general job boards, social media, referral groups and targeted email campaigns. The BirdDogHR Managed Services team knows how to leverage these resources to bring you the best candidates in the market.

Ensure EEOC and OFCCP Screening Requirements

BirdDogHR software and Managed Services have been built with the federal contractor in mind, so all required documentation will be provided to you from the BirdDogHR Managed Services team via the BirdDogHR ATS.

For a detailed list of the services that are offered in Talent Scout, view the datasheet or contact your account manager.