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A Lesson in Learning

When it comes to learning – if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. There’s no room for standing still.

Your industry is constantly changing. New equipment. New processes. New people. New rules. New regulations. New compliance. The list goes on and on. You need to be on your...

BirdDogHR CEO Todd Skokan

CEOCFO Interview with Todd Skokan

CEOCFO: Mr. Skokan, what is the idea behind BirdDogHR?

Mr. Skokan: BirdDogHR has been in business since 1997 and we are widely known in our core verticals as the leader in recruitment and applicant tracking solutions . Today, BirdDogHR offers a comprehensive talent...

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President Obama and the OFCCP: Looking Ahead to 2015 and Beyond

In our last two posts, we examined key actions taken by the OFCCP in 2014 through the lens of President Obama’s ambitious agenda. While some OFCCP actions have reflected Mr. Obama’s priorities, others have actually resulted directly from Executive Orders. Between the OFCCP’s actions, Mr. Obama’s Executive Orders and statements...

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President Obama and the OFCCP: 2014 in Review – Part II

In Part I of this post we examined the close connection between the OFCCP’s focus on pay equity and the hiring of veterans and individuals with disabilities (IWD’s) in 2014 and President Obama’s agenda. We continue here by comparing the President’s agenda and actions regarding LGBT workers and other, more...

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President Obama and the OFCCP: 2014 in Review – Part I

Every year we like to provide you, our readers in the federal contracting community, with a year-in-review and look ahead to the coming year to ensure that you are aware of trends that could impact your business. Typically, that means reviewing the OFCCP’s stated goals against its actions and then...

Take the Challenge Out of Recruiting

It’s a constant challenge that doesn’t have to be a challenge at all.

Recruiting top talent for your organization should be as simple as flipping a switch. Why? Because your company’s reputation in the industry should already have top recruits lined up, waiting for the next opportunity to be...

BirdDogHR CEO Todd Skokan

A Message from Todd Skokan, President & CEO

The team at BirdDogHR is excited and proud to announce the launch of the new company name, logo and corporate website as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand and solution offering.

To keep pace in a competitive economy, a company’s HR and talent needs are continually...