November 29, 2016

Construction, engineering and manufacturing employees

Recruiting isn’t easy but for employers in the skilled trades; it’s especially tricky.

Boomer generation retirements reveal an enormous skill gap and visible talent shortage which is creating a competitive and limited market of skilled candidates. Because of this, it’s more important now than ever, to make sure that your company’s recruiting strategy isn’t just cutting through the clutter, but through the competition.

At BirdDogHR we know it isn’t easy, but we’ve got some recruiting tips from Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing employers that can give you a head start in selecting and retaining the best candidates for your organization.

Recruit and retain your candidates by:

  • Offering opportunity
  • Finding those who will thrive in your culture
  • Test candidates focus and core competencies
  • Expand your reach to those who aren’t looking
  • Prioritize employee development
  • Lean on automation to free up HR for strategic thinking

BirdDogHR has all of the resources to help you in your candidate search from our own fully integrated Talent Management System to our experienced Managed Services team which is ready to serve as an extension of your HR team.

November 18, 2016

Executives in a meeting room

The phrase "Do as I say, not as I do" doesn’t apply in the workplace. Employee performance is a reflection of the executive team and their performance as leaders. If employees are consistently not performing at the level or standard that management expects, it might be time to review the performance of management by asking some targeted questions:

  • Have they made the organization’s mission and expectations clear?
  • Have they helped employees align their goals alongside the businesses goals?
  • Are they giving regular feedback and engaging in two-way communication?

Engaging and motivating employees starts on day one. Expectations and individual goals should be made clear on the first day so there are no misunderstandings later down the road. The organization’s mission should also be made clear on day one, so employees know what they are continually working towards. Without a clear mission, employees can lose direction and their performance can suffer.

October 26, 2016

BirdDogHR VP Operations Michelle Stedman

BirdDogHR’s VP of Operations, Michelle Stedman, recently contributed an article titled How to Hire the Right Person to The Business Woman Media about building a candidate profile and hiring the right person.

Recruiting new talent isn’t easy, too often employers get bombarded by a pile of resumes and sorting through them to find the ones that should be interviewed is no easy task. That’s where a candidate profile comes in. It’s a list of 4-6 traits that would be expected on an ideal candidate – it’s not that hard to write but it makes a world of difference when you’re shuffling through resumes.

In her article, Stedman explores the benefits of using a well-built candidate profile.

Check out How to Hire the Right Person

October 7, 2016

Automation gears image

Gone are the days of sifting through documents and spending hours on organization. Filing cabinets and stacks of loose papers are out and the age of automation is here to stay. Here are the days of one click and you’re there. Here are the days of safer, faster and easier. Job seekers, employees and future retirees are looking for a modern organization that makes the employment experience an automated one.

Pre-Hire Automation

When job seekers apply to jobs, it is an expectation that the apply process is online and accessible from a mobile device. According to ERE Recruiting, over 50% of job seekers are using their mobile devices to search and apply for jobs. Don’t expect to attract great, long-lasting employees if your job postings aren’t accessible from a mobile device, because the perfect, long-lasting employee you want is applying to your competitor’s job posting from their tablet or phone.

September 28, 2016

Job board graphic

Job boards are a great way to drive traffic to your career page and get job openings in front of applicants, but are your openings in front of the right applicants? If the position requires a specialized skill set, not just any candidate will do. Some things to consider before throwing money at a job distribution site is traffic levels, free vs. paid job distribution, niche vs. general job boards and the quality of candidate you need.

You have to be strategic about which job boards you select. Currently Indeed, Career Builder and Monster are driving the highest volume of traffic. Job boards like this would be most effective if you needed to fill many jobs in a short amount of time.

When organizations are considering a free job board, don’t be surprised if your job postings get little to no traffic. Jobseekers like easy, simple and accessible so if your job postings aren’t right in front of them, don’t always expect them to go searching. On the other hand, not all paid job boards get the bang for your buck. It’s important to watch source analytics to control the cost and spend your money where it works for your organization.

September 16, 2016

Hashtag image

It’s no secret that social media can be good for business, but most people don’t know that it can also be invaluable for recruitment. BirdDogHR’s Michelle Stedman wrote an article for HRO Today about using the right hashtag to reach the right talent.

Hashtags are a string of characters behind a pound sign. They mean different things on different platforms but typically hashtags are used for organizing ideas or topics. An example would be a job seeker searches Twitter for #Jobs. In return they’ll see an entire feed of people and companies posting their job openings. Or they could search #HRJobs or #TexasJobs.

In the article, Stedman dives into the different kind of hashtags and two of the platforms that utilize them: Twitter and Instagram. Learn more about using social media for recruiting.