August 9, 2016

Woman interviewing a potential employee

Most small and medium businesses operate under the assumption that they’re going to one day expand and hire more staff. Even if that hiring involves just a single person, it’s important from day one to develop an interview process that can be used for that conversation and similar ones in the future.

Once you recruit prospective staff members, the next step is to get the hiring process right. Each person you hire will either contribute to — or take away — from the employer brand you’ve worked hard to build. Good employer branding is especially important for small businesses looking to gain recognition in a certain field. You want your staff to be memorable, friendly, and helpful in all the right ways.

That’s why you shouldn’t think of developing an interview process as a bureaucratic process reserved for huge corporations. Hiring talent is an important strategic choice that will greatly influence your business.

The Introduction: Sell Yourself and Your Business

The first step in any interview process is to put your prospective hire at ease. Welcome them to your business and make small talk. This will be a good indication that you value employee comfort and culture, and is a way to ensure you get an impression of your interviewee’s best self.