Company Culture

January 20, 2017

VP of Product Management Chris Lennon

We recently shared our insight on HRZone about encouraging personal development. Read our article to learn all about inspiring positivity, promoting physical health, modeling open communication, encouraging creativity, teaching that failure is OK and giving positive feedback.

September 8, 2016

BirdDogHR VP Operations Michelle Stedman

BirdDogHR contributed an article on Startup Nation entitled Company Culture: The Workplace Perks That Impress Top Performers. In this article, we explored perks that are really enticing top talent to join a company.

We also answered the questions:

  • Why is wellness and work/life balance so important to employees?
  • How training opportunities drive engagement.

Read the full article on Startup Nation to learn more about important workplace perks.

June 8, 2016

Group of people standing together

Companies are no longer just striving to create a product or service that is better than the competitor. In this shifting people management environment they must create a work environment that is better and more fulfilling for the employee. Poor company culture makes employees feel undervalued and increases turnover, while positive company culture does just the opposite.

When a meaningless company culture is in place employees, new and old, feel unwelcome, undervalued and can’t see the impact of their contributions. Company values should be emphasized through continuous management feedback and reinforcement; if not, success is disconnected and employees can feel defeated. With countless jobs available, top talent doesn’t have to endure a negative or disjointed company culture. Applicants are now solely seeking out businesses that make the “Best Places to Work” lists.