Company Culture

September 8, 2016

BirdDogHR contributed an article on Startup Nation entitled Company Culture: The Workplace Perks That Impress Top Performers. In this article, we explored perks that are really enticing top talent to join a company.

We also answered the questions:

  • Why is wellness and work/life balance so important to employees?
  • How training opportunities drive engagement.

Read the full article on Startup Nation to learn more about important workplace perks.

August 30, 2016

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An onboarding strategy is one of the most important processes your company should adopt. For one thing, it’s your first chance as an employer to define expectations and convince new staff to become invested in your company and its work. It’s the time when new hires are supported to shift from an individual mentality to that of a team. And it’s an opportunity for your business to show how well it’s organized, as it manages logistics during those first few days.

Effective onboarding strategies make a difference. In fact, employees onboarded through a standard process have 54% greater new hire productivity and are 50% more likely to retain those new employees. Yet one-fifth of companies have no formal program.

Even if you have a standard onboarding policy, there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few things that may be missing from your strategy.

Early Onboarding

A new hire’s onboarding should begin as soon as they accept the job offer.

August 24, 2016

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Social recruiting, social hiring, social media recruitment. Regardless of which term you prefer, all mean the same thing and all are important for a successful recruiting and hiring process. Social media has become a critical part in the recruitment stage and isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether your organization is social media savvy or not, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can improve your chances of snagging candidates that seem out of reach.

Use Social to Boost Your Employer Brand

Are you using social media to promote your employer brand? If not, your online presence may have become outdated. Using social media is a simple way to give the world an inside view of your employer brand. Having a consistent corporate message across all platforms is important for building and maintaining relationships with jobseekers. Provide timely information about company news or current job openings to keep followers up to date.

August 3, 2016

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Knowing new hire needs can be difficult when all you have to go off of is interviews and applications. New hires want to make a good first impression, but the first few days of employment are a two-way street. You should impress them just as much as they should impress you.

With an automated onboarding process you can ensure compliance and excite new hires for their future role within your organization. Automated onboarding starts with a paperless process that reduces data input error and gets employees into their roles faster. An automated onboarding process saves time and shows your employees what a modern organization they are working for.