Is Your Workplace Sustainable for Millennials and the Next Generation to Come?

Young man wearing glasses smiling at coworker

The time for adaptability is now, adaptable to the changing workforces and those in it. Millennials are entering the workforce in great numbers which will only increase with time. In fact, the quest to name the next generation, the generation that is expected to succeed and surpass the Millennials, has already begun. You can either run from it or adapt.

In March of 2015, MTV surveyed 1,000 children born after December 2000 to find a name these children wanted to associate themselves with. With 544 different options, the unofficial next generation name was chosen. The Founders.

Unfortunately, America doesn’t need any more founders, as the meaning of a founder is to stumble and fail epically. What the world needs is exactly what a December of 2015 Forbes article, Why the Next Generation After Millennials Will Be ‘Builders’, Not ‘Founders’, stated. We need Builders. We need a generation that can build up, solidify or create a solid base ground for sound structures. We need a generation that will construct great things, and your organization needs a strategy to attract, engage and retain this generation.

By becoming adaptable to the needs of the next generation, you will allow them to becoming the builders that we need. You will allow them to create and build a sustainable future that we can continue to work in.

According to the Pew Research Center, as more than one-in-three American workers are Millennials, it’s important to know how their needs differ from Generation X. What Millennials and the next generation want from you is a suitable work environment. A good work/life balance is what they are looking for, and career progression has become their top priority. 52% of Millennials state that this was the main attraction in an employer, according to PwC study.

An effective talent management strategy will not only engage the Millennials that are continually entering the work force each day, but engage the next generation to become the builders that this workforce needs. As the workforce becomes more dynamic and fast-paced, it’s your job to stay up to date on the latest and most effective talent management strategy.

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