Organizations Thrive with Succession Planning

A top reason employees leave their current job is because they don’t have career advancements or promotional opportunities. Succession planning helps prepare employees for advancement and helps the organization prepare for the future.

Succession planning can be vital to keep employees invested in your company. Employers that implement succession plans for their employees find that engagement and motivation increases when a career path is paved. When employees know they have a future within the company they become more invested in its successes. According to SHRM, the top three challenges faced by HR managers today are turnover, employee engagement and succession planning.

As organizations without a succession plan waver, organizations that implemented a succession plan increase retention and engagement. Those organizations have employees who want to invest themselves in the company and its success.

BirdDogHR knows that retaining and engaging employees is a top priority, that’s why BirdDogHR Succession organizes performance and readiness and allows you to have a real-time view into the existing and future talent bench. Create success with succession planning.

For more information check out The Future is Brighter with Succession Planning infographic or the Getting Started with Succession Management whitepaper.