How To Unlock Hidden Employee Talent

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When skill gaps interfere with daily work, that doesn’t mean it’s time to look for the next best employee. It means it’s time to create top talent from your existing staff. Not all employees will be the best of the best right from the start. It’s your job to provide a quality learning experience for all employees to develop from.

Use a learning management system (LMS) to motivate those who already understand your company’s core competencies while engaging and developing those who don’t. Allowing employees to expand their knowledge on your company’s objectives and goals makes a more productive workforce. A LMS helps track the development of your employees, so that you can watch their performance grow.

Many employees are looking for career development options within a job, and offering learning opportunities is the way to prepare them for future roles. According to a PwC study, career progression is the top priority for today’s jobseekers who expect to rise rapidly through the organization. When you think about it—those are exactly the people that you want to motivate and keep. With that in mind, it’s important to invest in your current employees and prepare them for a career path within your organization.

The BirdDogHR Learning Management System is a cloud-based solution that allows current employees to develop their skills based on the company’s competencies. If you want to unlock hidden talent in your workforce check out the BirdDogHR Learning Management System or review a few of the learning management system resources that are available on this site: