What Kind of Leader Are You?

Three smiling office workers

Leadership styles of executives dictate the outcome of operational success. A positive leader engages employees and motivates them daily. A negative leader impacts turnover and leaves employees feeling defeated. What kind of leader are you?

A leader that acts as a mediator enables employees to produce their best work through collaborative relationships and consistent feedback. A mediator’s leadership style acts on behalf of a larger group. They make employee needs a priority and are able to create a productive environment. Positive leaders get organizations put on “Best Places to Work” lists, while employees compete to work under them. Good leadership can be felt throughout the entire organization. Open two-way communication decreases misunderstandings and boosts morale. Employees feel that their work is impacting the success of the company and want to develop their skills as a result.

Just as positive leadership can be felt throughout the organization, so can the negative. Many executives give off the feeling of dominance and power and forget that employee work is what dominates success. An authoritative boss drives employees instead of coaching them and instills fear instead of generating enthusiasm. As a result, employees produce lower quality work from lack of collaboration and feedback. When goals and the direction are unclear, the office starts to run on rumors. Employees are taught to play dirty to get ahead instead of using collaboration to overcome obstacles faster.

BirdDogHR has found that leaders acting as mediators gain the trust of their employees and inspire better quality of work. Retention is higher when leaders create a meaningful work environment that takes employee needs into account. To become a truly great organization it takes truly great leaders. What kind of leader are you?

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“Lead and inspire people. Don’t try to manage and manipulate people. Inventories can be managed but people must be led.” – Ross Perot