A Lesson in Learning

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When it comes to learning – if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. There’s no room for standing still.

Your industry is constantly changing. New equipment. New processes. New people. New rules. New regulations. New compliance. The list goes on and on. You need to be on your toes and agile enough to make moves without shutting down your day-to-day operations. Your business depends on this. Your customers demand it. 

That’s why it’s important to have a dependable learning management system (LMS) in place. With all your training and education materials gathered in one location, you can quickly deliver it to your selected audience. Centralizing your learning documents also ensures that everyone is working off the most up-to-date piece. This keeps everyone on the same page and working toward the same goals.

An LMS ensures that everyone can access training without the hassle, time and cost of meeting in the traditional classroom setting. If the need arises to update or develop new content, you can do so quickly.

Imagine this scenario:

You have multiple 24-hour jobsites with day and evening shifts working on critical deadlines. A mandatory safety procedure has come down from the top and everyone across the company needs to be trained immediately. Can you shut down the entire operation to bring everyone into the office for a meeting? Not if you want to keep your customers! Imagine the time and money lost in doing so. Talk about taking a step back. That’s a giant leap!

With an LMS in place, you can deliver that new safety protocol without leaving the jobsite. The mandatory information will be delivered immediately to all employees and is accessible via their smartphones and tablets. No matter what the shift or jobsite, they have the information they need to get the job done and do it safely. And you didn’t set your entire company back a day in the process!

The scenarios aren’t always as dire as that. Even if you’re simply trying to develop your employees and improve performance – integrated learning is critical. Whether it’s online, instructor-led or on-the-job, having information that engages your employees and develops their skills will pay dividends for your company.

Gallup tells us that actively disengaged employees will cost you more than $2,500 per employee each year. You can make sure you’re not a part of this statistic by actively engaging them with learning opportunities. When they realize that you are taking an active interest in developing their skills, and not making it hard on them to do so in the process, they’ll start becoming the type of employee you want to stay around.

It’s about driving your business forward. Not sitting still and losing ground. We can put you in the driver’s seat and help you get started today! 

Ready to develop employees now? Read our Getting Started with Learning whitepaper and start improving core competencies and knowledge across your employees.